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  1. +1000 They don't get any better than those....
  2. newwt


    Don't quite understand your question, do you want to darken the fretboard? If so lemon oil will do that.
  3. After almost 30 yrs of working construction, if I only learned one thing its, "NEVER PUT YOUR PAWS NEAR ANYTHING SHARP IF ITS PLUGED IN" My father taught me this after being in a hurry, reached across a table saw, and we spent 15 minutes looking for 2 of his fingers, we found them and he was able to have them re attached, but never reached across a saw again, and made sure any time I made any adjustment near a blade, the saw was unpluged, this was re-enforced many times with a slap in the back of the head, him showing me his hand, and the statement,"Haven't you learned anything?" Hope ya mend quickly, and always, PULL THE PLUG!!!!
  4. Good for you, so many companies now a-days just don't care. Hope you get many more years out of it.
  5. Those are fun little guns.
  6. Well, lots of yard work,whoooppppyyyyy....... Then some cold beer.......poolside.....cold beer..... Then I think Sunday is gonna be spent on my buddys cabin crusier, with,......You got it MORE COLD BEER. Enjoy all,the sun is a shinnin'
  7. On a side note, I have been thinking of getting one of these myself. My question is, will it still fit in the original Gibson HSC????
  8. I've owned several, but only one at a time, best/worst one was a ORIGINAL 57, it was great, worst part was while moving back in the 80s it was busted in half, word to the wise "Don't let a bunch of drunken sailors help you move" drink once everything is in a safe place.
  9. I feel for ya, I went through the same thing several years ago with a Champion Blood line German Sheperd, after it happend we found out she caught it from the vets she was taken to for a final checkup before we got her. My heart goes out to you, and I know what your going through.
  10. One word for ya "Egnater" They have a tube mix function to go from Brit tones to California Rock, and you can get great tones in-between with the tube mix. If you check in the Trading Post section I have one for sale. Selling it to fund a Gibson Acoustic, And then I'll most likely pick up another. Check out their site and youtube. Even if you don't buy mine, I would recommend these amps to anyone, the tone you get out of these can't be beat. Also the have a variable wattage control.....
  11. No I changed them 1 at a time, as far as the truss rod it doesn't matter how I adjust it I get the same thing. And the strings are of the same guage.
  12. I have a stranger one for you, when I changed my strings on mine last month all of a sudden I got a buzz on only the hi and low E strings a the 12th fret only. Looks like I have to do some fret work here, any ideas? And to the original poster, not trying to hi-jack your thread, but I was told this is common on some of these Epi's so it could be something you run into.
  13. Always been a fan of ELP thanks for posting
  14. Same here, I do everything as a righty except writing, in which case I'm a lefty. But I am abidextris(but can't spell it) But like the saying goes "Lefties are the only ones in there right minds"
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