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  1. the very first guitar i ever bought was a MIK epiphone Les Paul Custom. I bought it when i was 12 years old back in 1998 with money i collected from mowing lawns all summer. i'm 26 now and i've since started to collect other guitars, but i promised myself i'd never sell the epi. I wanted to get excited about this particular guitar again, so i just swapped out the pickups for a seymour duncan JB in the bridge, and a SD jazz in the neck. the thing sounds awesome! man i love the build of this guitar. it's very solid and has withstood the rigorous test of gigging all throughout high school & college. here's a pic of the family, with the epiphone right in the middle. rock on
  2. you could also think of your guitars as stores of value. if you're buying them at a good price and expect the value to hold, it makes it easier to justify to wife/ girlfriend / mom, etc...
  3. sweet guitars! i'd love to find a hendrix-style gibson V for my collection.
  4. yep! it plays really great actually. i replaced the stock gibson bridge pickup with a seymour duncan invader. now the thing has some serious balls, and i absolutely LOVE the interplay between the invader in the bridge and the stock pickup in the neck. the neck pickup is actually not too woofy on it which makes it great for clean/funky tones. the bridge is all rock/metal now.
  5. Wow so my guitar fits all 3 mods that you described above! Thank you guys for the information!
  6. hey all, just wanted to share enthusiasm for the norlin-era. i'm not a huge collector by any means, but here's what i've got and i love 'em. the corvus actually plays very well. the stock bridge pup was a little too cloudy for me so i put in an seymour duncan invader. now the thing really cuts through the mix!
  7. yep i actually do have one -- the hotter one would be the bridge i suppose?
  8. hey guys, i've got a 98' MIK epi Les Paul Custom that i took the pickups out of a long time ago.. One pickup has blue lead wire and the other has red. does anyone know which pickup was originally the bridge and which was originally the neck?
  9. hello all, i have owned a ES335 for about a year now, based on the serial number it was made sometime between 1971-1973. my question is related to the knobs on it- mine in particular has black bonnet knobs, but every other image i've seen of my particular model (walnut finish)has witch's hat knobs. Does this mean that i have aftermarket knobs on it, or is it possible that these knobs did come out of the gibson factory, and what we're seeing is just a little bit of norlin-era variance? i know i know, cardinal sin to post on a forum without taking pics. i promise i will take pics when i get home! thanks!
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