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  1. Ahh. Thanks Bender. I guess a professional luthier can do something about the frets though, right?
  2. Thanks. I actually figured it out hours later, while i was drifting to sleep last night - an image of that page formed in my mind's eye, and there they were, staring back at me - Mini Pickups!
  3. I just went to the Gibson main page, and it says "Minis to the max". What are they referring to? I don't see any 'Minis' models...
  4. I guess since the BurstBucker Pros are so bright, it's good that the coil tap setting is just a bit less less bright. I think that this, plus the slightly less deep tone of the coil tapped setting will be beneficial for higher gain setting that often sound too flabby if there's too much low end, and too harsh if there's too much high end in the raw signal. The one i tried is an Ebony with the pick guard - almost the 'tuxedo' look, and i was hoping for a 'bust' model, but i am starting to think i should strike while it is still sitting there on the wall... No telling how long it will be before they get another one in the store. [Just realized i am in the 2012 LP Studio thread - wanted to be in the 2012 LP Standard thread, but i guess the same applies to both models...]
  5. You might want to look at the Stetsbar tremolo systems. They install with existing holes, without any modification to your LP, and you can go back to the original bridge any time you want. The Stetsbar keeps the strings in tune well when you are not pressing or lifting the trem bar, so bending strings don't de-tune [flatten] the other strings. The range is about two octaves - you can't go down to floppy loose. If anyone has tried a Stetsbar trem out, i'd like to hear about it, because i am about to order one. B)
  6. I tried a 2012 Standard for the first time today. Awesome. Neck feels great. Wieght is great. Action was perfect. The phase reverse setting gives it a real nice cheeky lead tone and a funky rhythm tone. Something i'm wondering about though - in the coil tap 'pull' position, the tone is not as deep or as bright as the pushed position. I thought the pulled out position would give a brighter tone, but it wasn't as bright. Can anyone confirm this with their own findings? I will try it again next week to be sure, but it was not what i was expecting...
  7. Actually, they introduced PC based 'Smell-o-vision" back in the '90s, but it was a flop. It was similar in design to an ink jet printer, but instead of spraying various ink colors on paper, it sprayed various scents into the air. Like in the way every color imaginable can be created from just the three primary colors in different combinations, almost every scent imaginable can be created from a few dozen primary scents in different combinations. the easiest scent to create is Banana - requires one primary scent - and one of the most complex to create is Liquorish - requires a large number of primary scents.
  8. Ahh Yes. Thought so. Very cool. Incidentally, I hadn't realized that the Burst Bucker Pro is not a high output pickup. Do you find the Burst Bucker Pro's output level to be high enough? ...and how is the 'hum' and 'hiss' factor at higher gains? [i'd just try one, but i'm still waiting for one to show up in my berg ]
  9. Beautiful guitar. I noticed that the push-pull labels are on only two of the knobs. Doesn't the 2012 Standard come with four push-pull knobs? [Just being paranoid]
  10. Thanks Bender. Do you mean i should polish the actual frets, the rosewood fret board, the neck, or all three? I want to be certain i'd do this right.
  11. How about the smoothness of the frets on the worn, and the fret dressing? Is that the same quality as with the more expensive models? The reason i ask, is because i think i could feel a roughness between fret and string when bending notes on the worn model - but it may have been my imagination... B)
  12. It wasn't so grainy on the entire neck... I think the particular guitar i tried might have extra prominent grain channels. I'll have to try a couple other Worn Studios.
  13. Hahahaah! So true. I do want the 2012 standard! It's a tough decision though.
  14. I tried a Gibson Les Paul Studio 'worn' finish model today. I could feel an un-smoothness to the neck, like i could feel the grain. I was surprised about that. Is that to be expected on the 'worn' Studio models? If so i might look for a different model. Or might another 'worn' Studio i try feel perfectly smooth?
  15. Ya, i hadn't thought of that. I think the standards have weight relief, as opposed to chambering like in the Studios. Can you elaborate on what it is about chambering, or weight relief for that matter, that makes it a no go for you?
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