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  1. There it is. Apparently it started out with an adjustable bridge. The bridge plate was changed too as it has no holes other than the 6 bridge pin holes. The Bridge plate is made out of solid maple approx. 3/16"-1/8" thick, a little wider (maybe a 1/4") than the bridge and spanning between the braces. Ebony Shmebony! & Screw the bridge bolts. I'll look at it as an upgrade!
  2. It's mine. Bought it last week. It's in the shop now. Photo doesn't show it well but there is a huge belly below bridge and a equally huge dip in front of it. It's being re-hydrated right now and the top is slowly being flattened. I'll stick with the ebony bridge unless it doesn't work well. It doesn't bother me that much that it's not original. I think it looks kinda cool. Eager to get it back. It'll be my 3rd j-50. I had a '48 that was in great shape but was kind of a dog tonewise believe it or not and a '65 with the adjustable bridge that sounded great but the skinny neck wasn't for me.
  3. Question: Does any one recognize this belly up Ebony bridge as original for a J-45/50? (I posted this on the AGF forum yesterday). I found this on the local C/L last week. I took a quick peek inside to check the cracks, cleats, bracing, bridge plate etc and did not see any bolt holes in the bridge plate, only the 6 bridge pin holes. I suppose the bridge plate could be a replacement too. No ADJ stamp inside, only FON on heel block. It's in the shop getting prepped for repair the bridge is lifting and will be coming off to get reinstalled. I instructed the luthier to snap some photos of the to
  4. Our pets love for us is truly unconditional. It appears in this case that love was reciprocated. Gage was lucky to have you.
  5. I'll spare you all the pain. It has a face only it's mother could love. All of those bursts look good to me. Nobody does a burst like Gibson.
  6. 5 pages is enough I guess, can't argue, I'm cool with that. Credit card co. reimbursed me conditionally pending their investigation. I gave them everything they asked for. Now it's up to them. We shall see. Thanks

  7. I see they closed down your thread...I wonder why??? In any case....did you get any relief from your credit card company????

  8. So Fox has never replied and just disappeared from the internet? I hope that $1300 was worth it. Is this your guitar on his website? No reply to me but others reported he answers his phone and email inquiries about services. No that is not my guitar in that article. I got an estimate of over $1800 from a reputable luthier to correct and re-do the resto on the L-1
  9. Thanks, I am really liking my Hummingbird. It's my first. Cannot put it down. Great tone, plays great, beautiful & loud.
  10. The pick guard not matching the hole has me a little concerned. I have 1996 and it's pick guard closely follows sound hole curve. (you can see mine in a nearby post)I dunno about newer models though
  11. Picked it up. It's mine. Cleaned it up, put on some D'Addario EJ16's. Sounds like it will sound fantastic when strings break in. Second photo is with a flash. Color on top photo more accurate. Thanks for the kind advice
  12. I found a 1996 Hummingbird locally that I can get for $1100. It has moderate play wear (small divots in 1st 3 frets & pick guard design 50% rubbed off) No cracks in wood but moderate finish cracks. It's really dirty and strings totally dead. Hard to judge the tone with dead strings but it feels really nice in my hands. No returns possible. I'm hankering for a D-18 to compliment my HD28-VS but this may fit the bill. I'm fishing for opinions on if this is a good deal and may at least temporarily cure my gas for a mahogany dread. The 1985 Nashville J-45E I was looking at and foolishly provide
  13. Not much info on these that I can find. One visual difference that jumps out is the shoulders are flat for an inch and a half on either side of the neck. Any other differences? This one is at the Orlando G.C. and has been there for a while. Nice feeling neck and a big sound. Don't really care to plug in. Trips my trigger. (what else matters right?) Is $1200 a good price? http://www.guitarcenter.com/In-Store-Vintage-VINTAGE-1985-GIBSON-J45E-WC--770-107516220-i2428532.gc
  14. No contact nor any expected. I opened a paypal case and he responded to that to paypal. Also since I payed using a credit card I disputed the charges due to the shoddy work and they reimbursed my account on the condition I can prove my case.
  15. I asked for photos during the restoration. I got seemingly plausible excuses why none were possible. When the restoration was done and he wanted the balance, I stated that I wanted photos before I paid the invoice. He sent me 4 photos that looked like they were taken by a cell phone. But maybe he's just a crappy photographer? None were detailed. The only serious issue I saw in the photos was the one of the head stock front. What looked like orange peel (which can be rubbed out)turned out to be bubbles in the finish. The blotchy sunburst was apparent and if the sunburst and the orange peel wer
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