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  1. Yes, if I can find just a neck I know a luthier who could build me my own.
  2. Thanks for this model and for other members posts that have replied. I now have some models/makes I can research and perhaps find in a lefty
  3. I am a left handed guitarist with small hands. I just met a guitar-aholic who had a 1966 ES-335 with the thin 'pencil' neck with a nut only 1 9/16th wide. I'm guess at some point I could save, save and buy a similar guitar but left handed on Ebay for $7,000, but I don't have that kind of money. Nor am I the kind of guitarist that wants necessarily have a 'vintage' guitar. I'm a little careless with my guitars and just like to play 'em hard. So my question is, does Gibson currently make a ES-335 or similar semi hollow body with that thin pencil neck with only a 1 9/16 inch nut. I find both Gibson and other outlets are perfectly willing to sell a guitar for $2-3,000 but not provide detailed specifications. Very frustrating trying to track this info down. Anybody point me in the right direction. FYI, I have been trying to play with thumb over E and possibly A strings and I can tell you, that 1966 ES-335 is the only guitar I have found that allows me to easily do this. Yes I could strap up the guitar and play jazz-classical style but I'm a sloppy R&R type of guy. I'm in love with that neck. Don't tell my wife....
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