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  1. How about this one, does it look legit / genuine? eBay link Even though the auction is over I'm keen to know what you think.
  2. I'm a massive fan of the AER compact 60 for all my acoustic gigs, it simply sounds better than anything else. Big generalisation I know, but it's true. If you need more power than that (not likely!) then add an RCFNXM10 and an active sub with a crossover. There's no messin around with these recommendations, they're top of the line. Good luck with your sound reinforcement and your neighbours
  3. Thanks Red, actually I do. How much do you think you would expect to $pend if yours ever needed replacing, and lets hope it never does! I'm definitely going in for a purchase asap, just need to know how much is too much, proportionally, for this instrument. Sounds like a fancy tactical move when I say it like that doesn't it, 'going in for a purchase'. "Roger that tower control, going in for another purchase, wait, pull up pull up, it's GAS time!"
  4. Put it on eBay, free shipping, $100. I'll buy it
  5. Hi Jinder, could you please indicate whether your EJ200 was made in China or Indonesia? Any other distinguishing features that might help me find a good one? The inconsistency in manufacture of these guitars is making the purchase of one a bit of a challenge. Some are solid, some are plywood, some are made in China, some are made in Indonesia... Which one do I buy? Thank you Jinder, your input to this forum and the music world are invaluable.
  6. I've already got the Les Paul Black Beauty Fretless Wonder Custom, so rich in tone you can just run it straight into the racks without even worrying about amps, cabs and mics in some tracks. I'm thinking an SG Custom with standard gauge fills the hole for those looking for more bite and growl, and the tele has got all the honk we need. Any lighter in string gauge than 10 and I'm afraid the guitar gets less and less productive on record. There are always exceptions but because of the nature of this collection I must generalise. I always use nickel plated strings on solid body electrics.
  7. What a fun thread! If it were your job to sit and listen to other people play guitar, press record and smile with encouragement then what do you really need hanging on the wall to cover most bases? All customers bring their own instrument(s) but are always encouraged to add layers of different and colourful tones. Here's my combined wish list / acquired list, string gauges attached: Les Paul 11-52 SG (10-49) Stratocaster (13-56) Telecaster (10-49) Arch-top (flat-wounds) Musicman Sabre Bass (45-105) Fender Fretless Jazz Bass (flat-wounds) Upright Double Bass (waiting for funds)
  8. What is your asking price for this guitar, assuming it's the same one you mentioned in the trading post section.
  9. Hi Folks, I'm looking for information on (and to buy) the Japanese Epiphone J200 Elite or Elitist. I am interested in learning more about these instruments if anyone has any facts to share. As far as I know, the name was changed from Elite to Elitist shortly after production started in 2002 at Fuji-Gen, Japan (not Korea?) due to someone like Schecter or Ovation (confirm?) having a similarly named model already on the market. They were only in production for 2 or 3 years (confirm?). I don't know if that's true so any confirmation of that would be awesome! I think the instrument I'm looking
  10. This is a close up cross sectional photo of plywood, otherwise known as laminate. If you look across the face of your guitar and see these lines (thin slices of timber that have been glued/laminated together) where the edge of the face disappears into the sound-hole, then you don't have a solid top guitar. However, some guitar luthiers are very good at hiding these lines so if you don't see them, look harder... and if you still don't see them then look for the wood grain pattern that matches the face to confirm it is solid timber. Solid timber faces are preferable for guitarists due to their r
  11. Has anyone else been outbid with 1 sec remaining? How annoying is that!
  12. The auction ends in less than two and a half hours. It doesn't look like a fake... I might just buy it.
  13. I'm considering this LP, but don't really know what it would be worth... http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/110866454045?ssPageName=STRK:MEBIDX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1431.l2649
  14. I'm tossing up between buying a J200 Custom or J200 True Vintage. I'm looking for the best recorded sound. I'm recording with a U47 mic and a Neve pre. What does everyone think about J200 Custom VS J200TV?
  15. I don't think he knew what I was so upset about. He liked the new paint job. Brr!
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