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  1. Now I've gotta wait. Every time I buy a new toy...they come out with a newer version a week later. i.e. Line6 Flextone 2--weeks later,the vetta
  2. Just checked for BC30 at Guitar Center and Musicians Friend...none in stock. MF says clearence only.GC says due late sept. Any news?. Thanx
  3. Gibsonlespaul1319,I wish I knew... I'm still looking to find one in a store to try one out. I do know the scale length is longer on the Johnny A. I'm quite comfy with the shorter scale of the les paul as to the Fender scale of the J.A. Johnny A says the longer scale helps him get the bottom end "twang ".
  4. Thanx L5Larry,serial...FA-5007 on back of headstock.
  5. Tasty toy my friend...I've got a red with Bigsby. Luvin it but now, I'm feeling a gassin' for a "cherry sunburst"
  6. o hell yeah! dont want my Gibby gettin swine flu
  7. Wood is wood... got character. Luv it
  8. Hey GuitarJunkie,can you do one up in cherry sunburst?
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