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  1. I do agree on rolling back the volume on the guitar and pushing the amp. I especially like being able to have the rhythm p/u rolled back and then switch to the treble p/u during a lead section so that it works as a boost.
  2. I was messing with a CS3 today and I thought that it would be nice to even the signal before the fx that I use and then have the Alesis even out the signal of the effects before it gets to the microverb, deltafex, and the bbe. In my mind this will sound good... in reality... it probably is pointless.
  3. Thanks for the compliment! I guess I just like to buy gear and play around haha. I guess all that I really need is an overdrive to push me into the grit for certain lead. Maybe I have a gear problem???? I just can't... .... not buy stuff.
  4. Thanks for the compliment! I guess I just like to buy gear and play around haha. I guess all that I really need is an overdrive to push me into the grit for certain lead. Maybe I have a gear problem???? I just can't... .... not buy stuff.
  5. Has anybody ever tried using a compressor sustainer after the guitar and a compressor after the effects chain followed by time based effects??? What I used: Alesis 3632 Micro Verb 4 Dual DeltaFex BBE 382i What I am now using in order. Boss Blues Driver Electro Harmonix Soul Food Pigtronix Class A Boost Crybaby Classic Wah BBE Sonic Stomp Alesis 3632 Micro Verb 4 Dual DeltaFex BBE382i I think I want to put a CS-3 at the beginning
  6. Bwahahah when I enrolled into college for film I asked the professor if he had any advice for us before we started and his response was, "go into I.T." ...
  7. BUT, I'm not always using big reverb sounds on songs. For example, if I play "Blackbird" I only use a medium plate reverb with a quick decay. It's enough to fill up the space but not so much that it draws attention to itself in a negative way.
  8. Thank you for the compliments, I'm still learning though and have much more to learn. One being keeping a steady time and pace and not rush what I'm doing... which can definitely be heard in that video. I agree 100%, it is a LOT of gear for an acoustic gig. I do a medley of the better half of the Dark Side of the Moon album, Robert Plant's "Ship of Fools", and numerous other songs that are heavy on the effects. With the microverb4 and deltafex, I can get achieve the desired effect better than I could with my onboard effects of my Roland amp or PV10 mixer. I'm still working with it though and I am thinking about running them both dual mono so that I can control each effect so that I can blend it better in the mix. What I mean by dual mono is: There is a left and right output on these rack effects. if you go from your fx send into a y cable (into l & r) you can output l & r back into the board on separate channels (i.e. 5 & 6) so that channel 5 will control the level of one effect and channel six with control the level of the other. Do the same with the other unit (lots of y splitting) and I can control four fx. I'm horrible at explaining anything so I apologize if I'm talking in circles...
  9. Hello fellow Python lover!!! not a very woody sound, is it?! No, not at all! Quite tinny, actually!
  10. here is what it sounds like with just reverb but it is SOOOOOO tinny.
  11. All your replies are fantastic and thanks for assuring me that I'm not the only one! I do have a sound question now!! I'm using a pv10 with an fx send and from that send I'm going into a y cable into a dual deltafex and a microveb4. After that I run each rack unit into a channel on the mixer (6&5).. What I'm experiencing is that the deltafex clips WAY TOO EARLY. I'm seriously on an input level of 1.5-2. What I'm trying to do is to keep the fx independent of one another so that I'm not feeding an fx unit into another. I don't really want to dedicate one unit to vocal and one to guitar but... It's looking like I'm going to have to use my inserts. Any suggestions on how to best use these units to get a great sound for solo acoustic? Solo acoustic rig: Taylor 214 JamMan Looper Stereo, Fishman Aura Spectra, Vocalist Live 3, PV10mixer, Furman XD-8, Alesis MicroVerb4, Peavey Dual DeltaFex, BBE 382i Sonic Maximizer, Yamaha 7000s, Peavey PR12s.
  12. JamMan Stereo, it's a great pedal if you are doing solo work and want to add a "show" feel to your set.
  13. AH, sorry to hear about that! You have to love bar/club owners!!!! And you get the MacGyver award for using your talk box tube as a siphone lol
  14. As we all know, if you gig out often enough you're going to have equipment fail, which will need to be replaced or repaired; but never in all my years of playing have I had a weekend like this. Here's my story. I've been doing acoustic gigs lately and I wanted a little something to add to the "show" so I purchased a Digitech JamMan Looper Stereo (fantastic pedal). Working with the unit for a while I realized that there was a bit of a "learning curve" to it but with enough practice I got the hang of it. Played my gig Friday and it was awesome! Finishing up the night I began to load my car, said my goodbyes and thank yous, and got in my car and drove away. About a mile down the road I hit a bump and heard, "TINK TINK TINKTINKTINK" and kept driving not thinking anything of it... then I realized I left my pedal on my car. Went back in the morning and found it... destroyed. Sent it to the tech and the repair is going to be $70.00. Get to the gig Saturday... fifteen minutes before I go on I hear this loud buzz out of my pa speakers followed by a loud POP!! Yep, you guessed it... my pa head fried. Got another pa going and finished the gig. Said my goodbyes, packed my car, and started driving home. About two miles down the road I hear, "KAWAP!" and my windshield spiders.... nice... So my weekends gigs cost me a total of, roughly, $400.00 Please share your stories, or am I the only one that this stuff happens to haha
  15. Years ago I acquired a 74/75 Fender PA100 with two 4x8 towers and have been hanging onto it for many years. Sometimes I would use it as a bass rig and other times I would use it as a guitar amp for larger venues. I have recently sold the towers (not really interested in the 8" sound) but I managed to talk myself into keeping the head which is a good thing because I learned, around the same time I was selling the speakers, that the Fender PA100 is laid out just like a Fender Twin Reverb... only you don't have tremolo or mid control. So I was looking around and I came across a 1970 Fender Twin Reverb cabinet that is pretty rough... but there is no chassis or speakers. The cabinet is $50.00 so all I need now is a chassis and speakers. Actually I shouldn't say that's all I need... I guess I do still need to buy the cabinet. Just waiting on a response from the seller.
  16. Here is Sherry! sorry, she wasn't cleaned up for the photo...
  17. I started playing in either '93 or '94... My first guitar was a hand-me-down Electra Les Paul copy that was my dads and my amp at the time was a little crate combo unit with a "distortion" switch. I still have the guitar though, and will never sell it.
  18. cool sound, thanks for sharing!
  19. So I'm at work and my manager walks up to me and says, "Hey we have an Epiphone semi hollow trade-in coming over Monday and if you can clean it up for the floor that would be awesome" My full attention was on this guitar because: A) I LOVE semi and hollow body electrics... and B) I really have been liking Epiphone... and C) I was hoping that it was a particular model. So I wait over the weekend and eagly bust into work Monday morning to check out this guitar and SURE ENOUGH!!!! I was looking at a relatively new, spotless, Epiphone Sheraton II. Years ago I had one of these and like an idiot traded it for a couple effects, cables, strings, etc. I was young and dumb but the trade value was probably about $350. Anyways, I cleaned the finger prints off, polished the hardware, set the intonation, adjusted the neck, etc. basic set up stuff... After playing the guitar for about twenty minutes I put it back in it's case and set it in the back with all the layaway and returned repair items. My manager looks at me strangely and asks, "Why aren't you putting that on the floor?" to which I respond "Here is a fifty dollar deposit on the Sheraton II... that's my guitar now" haha So, I am happy to say that I am an owner, AGAIN, of an Epiphone Sheraton II. SUCH a great sounding, and playing guitar.
  20. On my gretsch I replaced the stock tuners with sperzel lockers, put a bone nut in place of the plastic one, an swapped the tune-o-matic style bridge for a rocker bar bridge. I don't have any problems with being out of tune not.
  21. Thanks for your input, now I just need to order the bone nut
  22. I am looking to try a set of Parson Street PAD pickups. Alnico 5 in the neck and alnico 2 in the bridge. They are about $120 for the set. Worth a look.
  23. Nice, I use PACs and they sound awesome.
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