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  1. And now a homicide investigation??
  2. Thank you all for your help this clarifies what I am attempting to do.
  3. if I were to not put a capacitor in a tone circuit on an older guitar after changing the tone pot to a 500k oyt what would be the result?
  4. Watch any one of the Crossroads Guitar Festivals, DVDs or on you tube, there are lots of hero's out there now it's just that there are no more record companies willing to risk the cost of studio time and all the other expenses to make what may not return them any money. I would suggest that you invest in the music that interest's you by buying the CD's or Downloading the the artists that you like and thus helping them keep on making music. The world has changed, artists are no longer supported until they can earn their way. Now it has to be done by word of mouth. We have the ability to mak
  5. I'm like a lot of other's here as I like the Liner notes. I've never bought a download, and I always buy vinyl if I have the option.
  6. Great Poll, I have to agree with the others I think Doc Ross's is the best version.
  7. I switched about two years ago from Dunlop 60's to a Jazz III. I won't play anything else now. I have used the V picks, some custom wood picks and some ebony picks, nothing compares to the Jazz III IMHO.
  8. recsec


    Very Nice, Congratulations!!
  9. I've had mine for about 8 months now and really enjoy it. I played outside for the first time at a party this weekend with some friends, it was the first time I really got to crank it. I was pleasently surprised at how clean it stayed with the gain at 2 and the Master at 7. Using the volume on my HSS Strat gave me all the overdrive I needed when I wanted it. A friend of mine who is a professional musician and normally playes through a 5150 played through it with his 62 Tele thinline and I could hardly get him to unplug from it.
  10. Very Nice Awel, That is a sweet looking SG.
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