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  1. Drank beer and watched Premier League and German Cup football all day. And folded laundry.
  2. Thanks. Due to the angle, it's reflecting the tree canopy above the yard.
  3. Took a photo of one of my guitars for a funsies "photo competition" in a fb group I'm in. Totally half-assed it though.
  4. Watched the early Premiere League match, Aston Villa 0 - 1 Wolves. Mowed the front lawn; well most of it. When I woke up, the chance of rain was supposedly 2%. By the time I mowed mid-morning it was 15%. This being Florida, it still poured, but fortunately not til a couple hours after I finished mowing. After I came inside and got cleaned up, I watched an FA Cup match, which ended drawn 1-1, between bottom of the table Norwich and much stronger Man United. United won at the death, at the end of extra time, with a garbage goal: https://www.livesoccertv.com/news/34141/watch-maguire-seals-fa-cup-semi-final-berth-for-manchester-united-with-a-118th-minute-goal/ Took a pic of my cheapie T-bird for a facebook group called Gear 'n Beer: ( Now I'm just drinkin' beer, watching a Japanese monster movie (Godzilla v. Monster Zero!) and doing a little bit of "office" work (I have a solo practice legal research/consultation firm I do from home; since I've been working from home since the start of 2013, I am very blessed not to have to alter work for the pandemic). Sent an email to one client who requested a Motion to Compel his opponent to provide some billing records, but had to remind him that he hadn't formally actually subpoena'd those records yet! So, that's kinda "cart before the horse" territory. Gonna send a dunning email to a different client, he just paid me for something I did last week, but still owes me for stuff from February. Dang lawyers. 😉 After that will be working on amending a tort complaint. I usually do family law, but in the midst of a divorce one of my clients (my clients are all other lawyers) is doing, the opposing party Wife got lightfingered and stole a bunch of Husband's personal property, fecked up files on his PC, that sorta thing. Gotta love stupid people, they keep me in business.
  5. Haha, mahalo! My wife lived in Hawaii as a kid (her Dad was FAA), and my parents lived there before I was born, back in the '50s (my Dad was USN and stationed at Pearl).
  6. I know, right? I'm torn between embarrassment and humble-pride. 😉
  7. Haha, House of the Rising Sun was one of the first songs that I learned as well! Thanks and keep rocking too. 👍
  8. Thanks. For the most part, yes, they all get played from time to time, to varying degrees. I have not played bass in a band for about a dozen years, so except for a reunion show 2-3 years ago, the basses and bass rigs are not getting much play (although for the most recent shows of my main band, my daughter used my bass rigs with her own bass guitar, so at least the rigs got some stage time). As for the guitars, I play guitar in my main band and a side band, so those get more action. I do make a much more concerted attempt to rotate through the guitars, in particular, at practices and shows. The two oldest guitars (the 1960 Duo-Sonic and c. 1973 Breadwinner) have some issues and are basically "retired" from gigging. The Duo-Sonic has never been gigged, sfaik. I keep the guitar amps and bass amps set up in the garage for band practices, so that when my main band has a practice, people can just bring an instrument, and plug and play. And in fact I had one band member who often ended up playing through my gear, both guitars and amps, that was very common. For example, in this photo, he's over on our right (stage left), playing my Les Paul Special. He was supposed to bring his Marshall, but got locked out of his warehouse, so is playing through my "emergency backup" Laney (the small combo way over on the floor on the right). Or, at my 60th Birthday Party, here he is playing through some of my amps (a Marshall combo and MosValve combo mini-stack) and my Peavey T-60: I had a beater Telecaster that was one of the few I felt it safe to let him regularly play, I eventually just gave it to him when he got to ten years with the band: At any rate, whether it's me, myself, or friends/bandmates, they do get played. 😉
  9. Zoinks! I had throat (tonsil/lymph node) cancer 12 years ago, myself. No hair will grow on the left jaw side of my face where the rads entered, and it doesn't grow well at the "exit wound" location on the opposite side at the nape of my neck. The radiation eventually fecked my jaw to the point where it weakened and broke. The jaw has been rebuilt with a piece of hipbone, and the neck on that side with my left pectoral muscle. It's pretty gnarly so generally I wear a scarf/shemagh/neckerchief in public. Meanwhile, every day above ground is a good day. 😉
  10. Steve, I loves me that Tube Midget! It's a master-volume 50W lunchbox size head that most seem to agree is very Marshall-y. Super basic amp. One channel (though you can choose low or high input). Ever since getting it, it has been my main rig (either with the Risson 4x12, or the Kustom 1x15 cabs) for my main punk rock and roll band.
  11. I was, as the local saying in Gainesville, Florida, goes, a "hurtin' Gator." (There's a reason that it'd been EIGHT years since I last did a photo like this!) And in fact, just seeing the amps is only part of the story! After setting up the amps, I dug up all the guitars, too. But when I got them "all" set up, I was still one short! I ransacked Casa Krashpad for a couple hours, and couldn't figure out why I was missing one. I finally remembered that I had lent a bass to one of my son's friends many months prior. By the time he could bring it over, it was after dark. I tried doing a night-time photo, but the results we not optimal: So, I inched the amps back into the garage for over night, and threw all the guitars in there as well. And set the whole dang thing up a SECOND time the next morning! I know, I'm certifiable.
  12. I would love to get an AC30. That's one that I have never owned. Obviously, at this point I have way more than I "need." But we all know that if we're lucky it's not about "need." 😉
  13. Yesterday I mowed the important bits of the front yard. Mowed most of the backyard today, and cleaned up the area around this little tree. At the memorial service for a late good friend of mine awhile back, they gave out trees, as he loved the outdoors. Somewhat miraculously, it has survived my brown thumb.
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