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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=egCJwXOT890
  2. No. They were called that because they were less expensive "student" models with only one P-90 pickup, no neck or body binding. Scale same. For the LP Juniors, the body shape was the same but they did not have an arched maple cap, just a flat mahogany slab. SG Juniors only differed by being single P-90 guitars, bodies were the same.
  3. It's not Junior. It's just a letter. One of the more idiotic model names the brain trust came up with, surpassed only by the seventeen different guitars called "Junior Specials" over the years. I modded my 2013 SGJ (the ones with the awful black pickup covers that look like EMGs) to look a little more SG and a little less J. Added pickguard, Bobbin Toppers, headstock pineapple.
  4. Spent about 3 or 4 hours going over the final edits to my chapter in the upcoming 14th edition (I also did the same chapter in the 12th and 13th editions) of this monster book. Got finished mowing the front lawn (did the first half or so yesterday). Tomorrow I hope to get some billables in..
  5. Agreed. I have plenty of humbucker guitars as well (plus non-P90 single coils, like Tele, Strat, Hi-Gain, and DeArmond), but I'm a big fan of P-90s.
  6. A bunch of people in a facebook group I'm in have bought them, and all appear to be very happy with them. Fwiw/ymmv.
  7. Correct, yes, it's a Breadwinner. Ol' Blue always attracts attention. Was my main guitar through most of the wacky '80s.
  8. Thanks! Checkers is a no-name "Sears Special," similar to a Teisco or any number of early-'70s MIJ offenses against nature. My folks bought it for me, my first electric. Virtually unplayable. By c. 1980 I finally gave up on it and made it into the wall art in the photo. Originally sunburst. I covered it in white interior wall paint, graphed it off with a pencil, and filled in the black squares with a bottle of black hobbyist model paint, by hand. The back is still sunburst, haha! I lost track of it after law school, and 6 or 7 years ago at a band reunion, one of my housemates/bandmates from back in the day gave it back to me! It lives up on a shelf in the garage practice space here at palatial Casa Krashpad.
  9. Added the guitars to the mix this morning. I'd forgotten I'd lent out the Thunderbird and had to get her back in the sake of completeness.
  10. I killed quarantine time making my first proper amp family photo in 8 years. Wall O' Sound, 2020. Back (l-r): Crate BX 200/Ampeg SVT (200W 8x10), '67 Fender Super Reverb (40W 4x10, dual cabbed), '69 Kustom 100 (100W 1x15), Top: Marshall 5213 (100W 2x12) Bottom: Ampeg Reverberocket 212R (50W 2x12), Top: '60s Sunn 200s (40W) Bottom: DIY 2x12 Celestion cab; '70s Woodson 250 (250W 1x15), Top: Cigarbox Homebuilt (0.5 W) Middle: Sovtek MiG 50H Tube Midget (50W) Bottom: Risson cab (4x12). Front (l-r): Kustom Tube 12A (1x8), Marshall 5275 (75W 1x12), Peavey Triple XXX Super 40EXP (40W 1x12), Vox AD30VT-XL (30W 1x12), Marshall 5210 (50W 1x12), MosValve MV-962 (80W 1x12), Laney TF100 (50w 1x10), Marshall 5002 (20W 1x10, Fender Super Champ XD (15W 1x10). Next I'ma drag all the electric guitars out too. Pray for me!
  11. Seem qualified! 😁 Although I'm not entirely sure whether either of them are US citizens. 🙄
  12. They've been filing jointly as married for years, up until 2018 or 2019. Which of course is wrongful conduct and cannot form a basis for relief in a court of equity, and similarly the law will "leave them where it finds them."
  13. Actually, in this particular case, under my current understanding of the facts, they're not married. Florida does not recognize common law marriages, and only under rare situations, where one of the "spouses" is an innocent victim of the other, and undertakes in good faith a ceremonial marriage, will a purported spouse be estopped to deny that he's married. Here, both parties participated in misrepresenting themselves as married, and sfaik both knew about the foreign divorce and both may've even been in cahoots in obtaining in it, possibly fraudulently. The purported "wife" here has had nine years to challenge the foreign divorce, and hasn't lifted a finger. Now when it's convenient for her to do so, she suddenly decides to challenge it. In the language of equity jurisprudence, she has "unclean hands."
  14. Just finished up a 19-page opinion letter on the validity of a couple's purported marriage. They were actually divorced in 2011 in a Middle Eastern country, but then moved to the States and thereafter each party pretended they were still married, for reasons which remain unclear. Bought property as "husband and wife," filed taxes jointly, etc. Huge mess. Generated a lovely fee by their stupidity though.
  15. Looks good to me! Congrats. I have a trio of guitars with Bigsbys (one technically a fakesby), but not any of my Gibbies (though 2 are Gibby-related, being Epiphones). I tend to only occasionally actually use them, and when I do it tends to be for subtle shimmies. Or for a wankier flourish at song's end when I might be changing guitars anyhow. So the whole detuning angle has not been a big prob.
  16. Yesterday I finished up an Appellee's Answer Brief to be filed in the Florida Second District Court of Appeal. Had already done all the argument bits, so it was down to finalizing the Table of Contents and Table of Citations. Ugh. The latter is a huge p i t a, as one has to alphabetically list every case and statute cited in the document, and the page(s) where each is cited. But hey, it pays the bills. Thereafter ignored a transparent attempt by my former boss to talk me out of going on Spring Break. Now, I'm not actually "going" anywhere probably, but he doesn't need to know that. Then I mowed most of the front lawn with a push mower. So there's that. At least the neighbors won't be showing up with torches and pitchforks now.
  17. We were going to France for vacay (missus is a teacher, who gets Spring Break). Not happening. I'm over 60, and arguably immunocompromised (missing lymph nodes from cancer surgery). At this point we're trying to cut our financial losses.
  18. I love 'em in red! I have the Hamer USA version, that I added a pickguard to. My other 2 doublecuts are Gibbies, one a Studio with buckers, and one a Special with soapbars.
  19. That looks great! Then again, I'm a fan of traditional body shape doublecuts. Played one at my big 60th Birfday Bash in 2018!
  20. As a Florida guy who has lived here since c. 1972, the above is basically my worst nightmare. Nookie and jamming excluded.
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