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  1. I have a 2005 EJ-200. Wonderful guitar I've owned for 5 years. It's black with a custom made pickgurad, the original was worn away when I got it. Also has the LR Baggs Element Active System. Sounds fabulous both acoustic and plugged in.
  2. A solid top EJ-200, non cut-away, with the Fishman system they use on the Doves.
  3. 335 Pro with some upgrades. Gibson Classic 57 pickups, standard CTS volume pots, period correct reflector knobs and short guard.
  4. I agree 100% with you. I love my 335 pro but hated the original pickups. I also found the coil tapping useless. I guess Epi's theory is that it makes the guitar more versatile. But that's not what 335s are built for. The coil tapped position sounded terrible, and the standard position was just ok. Kinda flat and thin. I ended up putting in standard gts volume pots and Gibson classic 57s. Now is sounds great. Btw, I played an Epi 355 a while back and that sounded pretty good stock.
  5. I've got a Dove Pro. Love it, sounds great both plugged and unplugged. Great workmanship, attention to detail and wood selection. Had a setup done even though the factory settings weren't bad. It blows me away what you can get for $300.00!
  6. My ES175 Premium is an awesome guitar. Being a jazz player I bought it on a whim from Musicians Friend. Couldn't be happier with it. I did have the regular Epi 175 at one time and it was a fine guitar for the money. The Premium is in a different class though. First big difference is the thin matte finish. Acoustically it resonates really well and is very lively. I use Ernie Ball 11s but I believe it came with 10s. It came set up really well, all I had to do was adjust the pickup heights. The bridge is pinned which is fine by me. Plugged in it sounds fabulous, just like a hollow body jazz box w
  7. Just got the Epi ES 175 Premium in sunburst. Wonderful guitar!
  8. Probably a difference of opinion. I can't imagine they'd use different pickups on the 339 Pro and 335 Pro. I really gave the stock pickups a chance but they just didn't do it for me. I prefer the sound of classic humbuckers.
  9. I have a 335 Pro sunburst. Snatched it up just before they became scarce. It's a really nice sounding and playing guitar. Let me just say though that the coil taps are useless. The single coil position is weak and thin. Other than that this guitar is great. I swapped out the pickups for Gibson 57 Classics and got rid of the push pull volume pots. Sounds 10 times better and no more coil tap nonsense. Also swapped out the pick guard for a period-correct short guard. Why did they do that?!!!
  10. My 335 Pro. Will prbably be putting on a bone nut soon. Plays and sound wonderful.
  11. I have a 335 Pro. They are vey different than the Dot and well worth thr extra $$$ IMO. Bound neck, block inlays, decent quality keystone tuners, long 335 guard (I don't quite get that), and the neck profile is rounder. To me it feels very different than a Dot. The big selling point for many is the coil tapping. I don't use that at all, but it's a nice feature that adds versatility if you're into it. I replaced the long guard with a short for period correctness. Looks much better.
  12. Does anyone know if Gibson knobs will fit Epiphones? Thanks.
  13. Absolutely! I play mostly jazz with my ES-335 Pro through a Fender Deluxe Reverb. Sounds excellent. I've tried Epi's ES-175 and it's a great guitar. I just prefer tithe versatility of my ES-335 Pro. However, I think that it's more about how you play more than what you play. Good luck.
  14. Hey Guys, Swingster or ES-295? I need a new jazz/rockabilly box but can't decide. Played and liked both but it's a tough call. I do like the Bigsby on the ES-295 better. Also, the P-90s seem a little more versatile as well. Help!! : ) THanks.
  15. I have a 1959 ES-335 Dot reissue. Love it! Limited run in 2010. They really did a good job with the quality and details. Even the pickups sound great. It's a very diffent animal from the standard Epi Dot.
  16. I put the 57 classics in both positions on my Epi 175 and it sounds awesome!
  17. I had the Gibson 57 Classics installed in my Epi ES-175, along with a bone nut. What a difference! Sounds positively awesome. I play mostly jazz and use only the neck pickup about 90% of the time, however, the bridge pickup sounds wonderful as well. Nice blusey tone from the neck pickup. I consider my Epi ES-175 with upgrades a great value with a total investment under 1k! Just my opinion of course. http://forum.gibson.com/public/style_emoticons/default/msp_thumbup.gif
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