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  1. Hello,

    I found this old thread about installing a Bigsby B7 on an SG. Your comment was "You DON'T need to buy a Vibra-Mate OR drill any holes.

    The strap button anchors the Bigsby tailpiece securely (just leave a wee bit of wiggle room before final fastening). String tension will align everything nicely (thanks wiggle room!) before final tightening of the strap button."...

  2. Ever heard of a 100-watt 210 combo? I love the sound of well-driven speakers and frying tubes. I have a 210 tube combo but it's only 50 or 60 watts. My Twin kicks *** but it's a 212 with giant speaker magnets so it's stupidly heavy.
  3. Same goes for sausage, which used to be 16 oz, and now 12-14 oz depending on the brand. Corporations are bleeding us dry.
  4. Did she change her style? She was winning with judo.
  5. Philthy Animal Taylor. I hope there is plenty of chewing gum wherever he is. One of the true pioneers of double bass rock and roll drumming, and such style. RIP.
  6. It's all a bit of a puppet show. Big Oil made automobiles and aircraft commonplace (and the petroleum-based blacktop pavement needed), and of course war machinery requires quite a lot of various petroleum products. Plastic is also derived from petroleum. They know what we'll go along with and accept. You watch television don't you?
  7. Naming colors has to be one of the most absurd things on this planet, and there is often almost no rhyme or reason whatsoever. It's like bad poetry, but funnier. If there is a place called "Pelham," that's a good guess.
  8. OC is the land of strip malls, commuters, all those blacktop boulevards, parking lots, cars, trucks ... and people wonder who pissed off Mother Nature.
  9. Kinda depends on what style of music/how loud. If it's loud rock, you won't be able to hear yourself through a SS amp unless it's 150+ watts. 100W will be cranked up to 10 (might blow yet still not be loud enough). I'm speaking from experience. Tube amps are heavier - how did you think Slash or whoever got such nice arms? And also way louder & sound so much better. Add side handles & casters to make your life easier, but go with a tube amp. Why buy fancy Gibsons only to play through a ghetto SS amp made in China? If you're playing rock with a hard-hitting drummer,
  10. Tell that to Slash and his fanboys.
  11. Make sure you get the ones with the frisbee base instead of the tripod. FWIW the last time I bought mic stands I got "On Stage" brand and they've held up great. Pay attention to whether they come with the mic clips, though.
  12. Dig the Seneca quote. You sell the sizzle, not the steak. The greatest advertising/social engineering/politics book is Propaganda by Edward Bernays, the inventor of the "press release," and the man who pulled out of his butt "wholesome," "hearty," and "public relations." Bernays is why we think bacon and eggs are what we're supposed to eat for breakfast food. And he was a Jew who ordered around the KKK Grand Dragon/U.S. President Woodrow Wilson. Anyway, most of us think (X) is best because conditioning forces us to think it is so. Record companies tell us who are superstars, XYZ-magaz
  13. It's more important to play a guitar that sounds great on its own - from there, do your best with a pickup or mic. If the guitar sounds like a turd, you can't polish it. Ovations are a great example. A great-sounding guitar will still shine through crude lo-fi obstacles.
  14. Depends on the wood. A rosewood dreadnought would have more booty in the sound than a maple jumbo.
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