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  1. Ever heard of a 100-watt 210 combo? I love the sound of well-driven speakers and frying tubes. I have a 210 tube combo but it's only 50 or 60 watts. My Twin kicks *** but it's a 212 with giant speaker magnets so it's stupidly heavy.
  2. Naming colors has to be one of the most absurd things on this planet, and there is often almost no rhyme or reason whatsoever. It's like bad poetry, but funnier. If there is a place called "Pelham," that's a good guess.
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zz_fSW5FHeE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zz_fSW5FHeE May all the Katrina suicides rest in peace. The slow ones too.
  4. Limited edition model. Not many made. That's the best I can tell you. Not a regular production model.
  5. Yeah your Gibson is uncommon (this is the first mention of it I've seen here I think). You may hold the distinction of being the only dude in here who owns one of those beauties.
  6. Fell in love with that guitar ever since I saw Scotty Moore playing one.
  7. I like the looks of the non reverse better. Does it balance better? Gate was the man, I met him in New Orleans. A hell of a nice guy who loved his BBQ!
  8. Ah, ok I see. I'd definitely drill new holes in the Bigsby (so that you use the factory holes from your tailpiece) before I go drilling any new holes in your guitar.
  9. My main point was that if your strap button is fastened with a screw, then you do NOT need to drill a single hole. Put a fender washer between the bigsby and the strap button and call it a day.
  10. The way I'm suggesting is 100% reversible with zero damage.
  11. If the holes match up, then feel free to screw down the Bigsby's backplate. If they don't, then don't go all willy nilly drilling new holes -- use a fender washer under the strap button to hold down the backplate. (fender washers have nothing to do with Fender guitars, it's a type of washer) Between the strap button screw and normal string tension, the Bigsby won't go anywhere. Make sure there's some felt or something glues onto the Bigsby tailpiece wherever it makes contact with your guitar's body. I'm not sure if they come with the felt already on them or not.
  12. The only issue is that you'll need a roller bridge - if you keep the original on, you risk dogging it out. There should be no need to drill holes (and you really shouldn't!), the mounting plate should go right under the strap button. You could possibly need a longer strap button screw but probably not. Post some before/after pics! Sounds like a fun afternoon...
  13. I'd love to see the non-reverse model made again, along with the reverse Explorer.
  14. There are some stands out there, usually wood ones, that have felt lining everywhere the guitar comes into contact. If you're good at this sort of thing you can probably make one yourself.
  15. I would love to have one of those... that;s what Scotty Moore was playing when I saw him, Link Wray, ? and the Mysterians, Ace Cannon, & a bunch of others at this badass bowling alley concert in New Orleans right before the flood. Yours even has the same finish as Scotty Moore's did!
  16. I'm not super familiar with Gibson's Chet Atkins line but from the pics your guitar looks to be legit: period correct speed knobs, arm rest, fret markers, the wires I can see thru the f-holes look like Gibson wires & not el cheapo Chinese poo poo platter stuff... the case looks legit, so does the bigsby, no red flags that my eye can see. Anybody else?
  17. Ok well I have a Paul that had the 498 or whatever bridge pup and HATED it, just like you... same damn complaints even. SO I slapped in a 57 Classic Plus and couldn't be happier. I never put in new "electronics" otherwise, just touched up this or that wiring/soldering as needed. The pup in there now is fantastic, better than I hoped! I play all styles from Merle Haggard to jazz to Slayer and my Paul eats it all up with a spoon (the 57+ is totally compatible-sounding with the neck pup too). ...just wanted to be sure you didn't just buy the guitar and instantly plan to do something stupid. I can't recommend the 57+ highly enough!
  18. If it ain't broke don't fix it. If you like the way the pickups sound then don't do a damn thing to your guitar until something craps out. If you just can't stand to hear another note because you think the pickups are crappy, then change em... and even then, think on it for some time before you go and do it.
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