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  1. Hi, thanks for the response. On measuring, you're absolutely right about he scale length................would 1/4 inch make that much difference, I thought shorter scales were a little easier to play? I ask that in total ignorance of guitar luthiery.
  2. Hi, I've read various threads on various websites concerning the end stop v. trapeze tailpiece debate, but all the posts seem to be opinions rather than definitive answers and I was wondering if any luthiers or guitar technicians can supply the answer. I have a Gibson 335 12 string and a Danelectro DC59 12 string, both with their own individual voice and both with their own very different "feel". The Danelectro is much easier to play; barring, bending, hammering on & pulling off etc., and I'm just wondering why. Both are strung with the same brand and gauge string sets and both are s
  3. ]Here's mine, 2013 Memphis; a truly wonderful instrument !
  4. Yeah........where's this 335 12string then ?
  5. Hi, I'm trying to get my ES335-12string as close to as an acoustic sound as I can, and I think I'm pretty damn close!! DI'ing the guitar straight into the PA, using the Fishman Pro Platinum EQ/DI box (generally used for acoustic guitars) and the results are really sweet.............might not suit everyone; sound is VERY subjective............... but it's the sound I'm looking for! Any way, I thought I'd try a set of Rickenbacker "compressed" strings...............total waste of money!! After hearing so much hype about these strings, I was really looking forward to the result; bu
  6. Thank you for that informative & in depth reply that certainly helps me understand the workings "below the surface" so to speak. As you say it is certainly a case of experimenting and finding "that" tone that I'm looking for; it's just that all the combinations seem mind boggling. Anyway, once again, thanks for all the helpful information.
  7. Hi, As you may know from previous posts, I am new to the world of electric guitars, but my ES335-12 has now become my constant gigging companion and only "go to" instrument, although I am still struggling to get the best from it; it's early days yet so, two more questions if I may please. I am still a little confused regarding the wiring of the pickups and the 3 way selector switch, in particular, when the selector switch is in the central position, (both pickups active) but either one of the two volume pots is set @ zero, neither pickup will sound even if the other volume pot is set to m
  8. I agree L5Larry, it is a pretty quiet amp..................but........ There are a few posts over different forums regarding a noise from some cubes in the form of a modulating hiss, that is noticeable on low (bedroom) volume levels and fades out together with any sustained note, and is VERY annoying! Some forum members have mentioned this is a built in noise gate, but when I contacted Roland UK to address the problem, their technical support chap insisted that there is NO built in noise gate in the cube and couldn't understand the issue. A thorough forum search will reveal how
  9. Thanks for the replies, sorry for the slow response, been hit by the flu bug haven't had much appetite to do anything!! As I said, having been a simple "acoustic 12 string directly in to the PA" player for many years, with treble, bass and mid/sweep the sum total of my EQ'ing options; now I have a guitar with a vast array of sounds, and an amplifier with the same mind boggling choices, I am finding all the vast number of possibilities a bit bewildering; I think I just have too many choices! Thanks for your suggestions both, meantime is there anyone else who has "Cube Favourites"
  10. Hi Anyone out there using their 335, or other semi-hollowboby with a Roland Cube 80XL, I'd be interested to hear of YOUR experiences, preferences and settings. Having played acoustic guitar DI'd into my PA for the last thirty years, electric guitars are a whole new ballgame for me. There appear to be lots of possibilities and although I'm still experimenting, I'm sure that there are lots of variations that I would love hear about; I know sound is subjective but someone just might have the key to find THAT sound I'm looking for. (I don't really know what it is myself yet ). So, I ha
  11. Hi Steve, It's nice when you get your guitar personalised, set up and finished just as you like it isn't it, good for you; but it never ceases to amaze me how peoples tastes are so different; I suppose thats what makes guitars so interesting!! I recently bought a new ES335-12 and really hated the very high lustre finish and the gold volume/tone knobs; nothing wrong with the guitar, just my personal aesthetic preferences! I changed out the knobs for the black variety and had a local wood finisher dull the paintwork a little (definitely NOT a "roadworn" job ), more sort of a dull french poli
  12. Hi, New graphite nut fitted, all tuning issues solved; volume & tone knobs + pickup selector switch replaced with black. I just love this guitar, a DEFINITE keeper, a truly great gigging instrument, thanks Gibson.
  13. Like the OP, I too am new to fx pedals, as I have just moved from acoustic to electric 12 sting as my main "weapon of choice". I was recommended to try the Zoom G3 multi fx and have to say that it has far exceeded my expectations and well worth a look! Ruggedly built, simple to use, and full of good effects, it has 99 totally programmable "patches" that can each be allocated with up to six effects; built in tuner, looper & drumtrax. All the effects parameters are fully adjustable, either onboard the unit or on PC or Mac and stored/ backed up to your computer memory too. At arou
  14. Hi, just "checking in". So here we are, nearly four months down the road and this EB 2013 continues to be a joy to play!! Nice to see the bass is gaining a few fans and new owners along the way too. The band is going through a quiet patch at the moment, so it's back to solo gigs with my beloved 12 string but the EB will be back in service later this month !!.
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