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  1. warost

    My old SG

    The body has aged for sure but it is still a rich red colour not brown the photos just dont do it justice, when the scratch plate was removed to verify the age the body beneath was the most beautiful cherry red I have ever seen, even the guitar specialist doing the job said he hadnt seen such a great color in years, it was stunning but alas now tucked away back behind the scratch plate, Ill see if I can get some more photos with a decent lens. You guys are certainly making it more difficult for me to part with this beauty. Stu
  2. warost

    My old SG

    Yep there the original pup's, the numbers are all correct, the covers have been removed I think, not by me I might add.. Stu
  3. warost

    My old SG

    Hope these photos are OK. Not the best but gives an idea of how clean this guitar is. Stu
  4. warost

    My old SG

    Hi Guys, Some time ago I picked up a filthy dirty SG, out of pity more than anything else, I just saw it as a clean up job and maybe make a few quid on it, Once I had got through the nicotine coat (disgusting for a non smoker) I found a guitar in the most beautiful condition with very little damage or cracking to the finish, no bangs or scratches to the neck and no breaks in the neck joint or the headstock, anyway once deep cleansed oiled and set up it is the sweetest playing bluesy sounding ultra low actioned guitar. Now the serial number was so lightly pressed I had trouble reading it for a long time then my jeweler mate lent me a ultra violet lupe, under this magnification I can make out the number in the wood to be 911836, Gibson seem to suggest this to be 1968 and the PUP's and pots agree to be late 60's numbered, it also has the non volute neck, about the only thing that has been changed is the Lyre maestro trem has been change for another Gibson model, I was told these were much more playable as they kept in tune much better. To the point, I wont say how much I paid unless anyone is that interested, all the 68's I have seen for sale are in the states and seem to be going for around 2.5K up to 4.2K, (in pounds that is but as I have a US keyboard I dont have the pound sign), I need to clean out the house as we have far to much stuff and as I havn't played anything but my strat I was wondering if I should part with the old SG and if so what sort of price would I be asking. I will try to get some pictures together but believe me it is an absolute beauty . If anyone has an opinion or advise I would be interested to hear it. Be lucky. Stu
  5. Hi Guys, I have a Gibson SG standard with a serial number of 811836, the serial number is inked and not pressed, this doesnt show on photos but trust me I can tell these things, this according to Gibson is for a 66 or 69 model, I have been trying to work out which it is, I have added some pictures to see if any of you guys recognise any of the trademark things, it does not look to have been modified or repaired, the soldering is all looking original, it has the non volute neck but a small neck joint, the bigsby has been removed but thats a pretty standard thing, anyway see what you think guys. Thanks for any help. Stu
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