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  1. This seems fishy. I would like to see some accompanying photos of the exterior to verify the guitar in question.
  2. Option 2, then option 1. If option 2 does not produce the guitar and sound you want, go to option 1. There are a lot of guitars for sale. Get the one you want.
  3. Doves In Flight 12 String Custom Shop.
  4. I suspect it is worst case scenario: through the finish in some spots. Some is very thin, but there are a couple of "blobs" on the top. Natural finish guitar. Thanks to all for the recommendations. I will contact those you mentioned and try to restore this lovely Sj-200.
  5. I am looking for someone to refinish a recent Gibson SJ-200. Here is the sad story: A recent purchase turned sour when the guitar arrived and it was not in the condition described. No where close. Apparently, the previous owner had an issue with the soundhole controls staying attached inside the guitar. A liberal dose of Super Glue secured the controls, as well as dripping all over parts of the top, bridge, and one place on the back. Imagine small bird droppings on your guitar, only in clear. My local luthier can't get it off and says it needs to be refinished. The guitar has
  6. Wow! The power of the internet. Just got a response. Still not completed, but it is in the works. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  7. When you call that number, you get the voicemail of a Gibson repairperson who no longer works there.
  8. Does anyone know if Gibson has closed their repair department in Nashville? There is no longer a link to the repair department on the Gibson website. I am a bit concerned since they have had a guitar of mine for over six months and it was estimated at four to five months when I shipped it to them.
  9. That is not a Bob Dylan model, but I would still not take the pickguard off. It could leave a "tan line" on the top and that is not the look you want.
  10. I found a guitar but the seller will not ship. Is there anyone here in the Winston Salem NC area who can facilitate a sale? Thanks in advance.
  11. The interesting comments convinced me that I am better suited to a newer version of the C of P guitar. I appreciate all of the input!
  12. Guys, I have never ventured into the vintage market before but this caught my eye. I have always been intrigued by the fretboard and headstock of these little guitars. This example has obviously seen it fair share of use and abuse. Good deal or a potential disaster? Restore or leave it alone? Thanks in advance! https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-1930s-Gibson-LC-Century-of-Progress-flattop-acoustic-guitar/253830914885?hash=item3b19806345:g:55MAAOSwwNtbgGBH
  13. I sold a J-200 Koa about 4 years ago. From the minute it shipped, I regretted it. About 2 years later, I saw it online at a major Gibson dealer. Paid about $800. more than I sold it for. It is home again.
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