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  1. This seems fishy. I would like to see some accompanying photos of the exterior to verify the guitar in question.
  2. Option 2, then option 1. If option 2 does not produce the guitar and sound you want, go to option 1. There are a lot of guitars for sale. Get the one you want.
  3. Doves In Flight 12 String Custom Shop.
  4. I suspect it is worst case scenario: through the finish in some spots. Some is very thin, but there are a couple of "blobs" on the top. Natural finish guitar. Thanks to all for the recommendations. I will contact those you mentioned and try to restore this lovely Sj-200.
  5. I am looking for someone to refinish a recent Gibson SJ-200. Here is the sad story: A recent purchase turned sour when the guitar arrived and it was not in the condition described. No where close. Apparently, the previous owner had an issue with the soundhole controls staying attached inside the guitar. A liberal dose of Super Glue secured the controls, as well as dripping all over parts of the top, bridge, and one place on the back. Imagine small bird droppings on your guitar, only in clear. My local luthier can't get it off and says it needs to be refinished. The guitar has amazing flamed maple and I want to get it looking as nice as it possible can. I am looking for someone who can refinish the guitar and hopefully make all traces of the Super Glue disappear. I know refinishing will de-value the guitar. I don't care. I know it will be expensive. I just want this once gorgeous Gibson to be gorgeous again. Any recommendations for first class refinishers/luthiers would be appreciated.
  6. Auction still going and up to $1375. Ebay will not do anything.
  7. https://www.ebay.com/itm/J-200-Gibson-Acoustic-New/263512090007?hash=item3d5a8b6597:g:27gAAOSwXtNaebyp
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