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  1. What are the factory setup for pickup height for my Gibson L5 Wes Montgomery?

  2. hello,I am looking at buying what is supposed to be a 2007 gibson 68 reissue les paul vos with seven digit serial number. the headstock photo matches numbers on a certificate coa. it reads 0710568. What is this? Did gibson use 7digit serial numbers recently?

  3. Is there any possibility to see gibson dg-335 again? c'mon bring it back!!

  4. my email status is setup to be private. how do i go about not receiving spam from these forums directed to my personal email inbox?

  5. Last post got chopped. 2nd try: I need help decoding a certificate model code. I own a '00 LPR6AAGNH. A Murphy Aged LP 56 reissue goldtop. The LPR6 = Les Paul Reissue 6 (1956). The first 'A' = Aged. The 'AG' = Antique Gold.

    The 'H' at the end = Historic. So, what's the 'N' stand for? Thanks

  6. Hi Admin,

    I need some help decoding certificate model nomenclature.

    I have a 2000 LPR6AAGNH. A Murphy Aged LP 56 reissue goldtop.

    Okay, the LPR6 = Les Paul Reissue 6 as in 1956.

    The first 'A' stands for Aged.

    The next 'AG' stands for Antique Gold.

    Skipping to the 'H' at the end, I'll assume = Historic.

    So, the $64.00 question:...

  7. Hi!

    I saw one of your posts on a serial number. I'm currently talking to somebody about their Les Paul that they have for sale. The serial number is 991052. What can you tell me about it?

    Any help would be appreciated.



  8. as far as i know, everything coming out of the nashville and memphis shops is plek'ed.
  9. yes, we do custom orders. as far as your specific wants, the only way to get a for sure yes or no ( as well as a price and ETA) is to have a dealer submit your specs to us for review.
  10. no definite info...it is supposed to be coming out of memphis, but i don't believe they've started it yet...
  11. VOs guitar get the same amount of nitro that glossy ones do.
  12. i would guess all the details will be announced at the winter NAMM show (january '09)...
  13. no plans for it at this time...
  14. yep, just order one through any Custom Shop dealer.
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