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  1. the VOS started at 101...we stopped at 66 on the aged.
  2. all "inspired by" guitars have a limit of 300.
  3. i will have to check on monday, but i think we started the VOS ones at JS 100, and continued on up. i don't believe we actually did 100 aged ones...i will confirm on monday.
  4. the one we did was a replica of a '78 LP: http://www.gibsoncustom.com/inspiredby/JohnSykesCustom.html
  5. no plans for more of these that i am aware of...
  6. i think it was right around 100 VOS Sykes...
  7. it's possible that previous owner changed them (unless you are the first owner, of course)...or it's possible that the pickup spec changed at some point on these (my spec info on these is VERY incomplete)...or it's possible that someone here mistakenly put BBs in instead of '57s...
  8. the elegant will be fatter than a Class 5...probably pretty similar to the LPC.
  9. 1) they have a rounded neck profile, like a Gibson USA LP standard 2) some of these have the LNT, some don't. the info i have regarding when this spec change occurred is very vague, so you'll just have to check when you get the guitar.
  10. http://forums.gibson.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=274
  11. 0710168 07=year of production 1016=rank in yearly production of model 8=year being reproduced, i.e. 1968
  12. Hello all, due to the increasing number of counterfeit Gibson instruments on the market, I will no longer be able to authenticate guitars simply with a posted serial number. In order to verify the authenticity of your guitar, you will now have to contact Gibson Customer Service and follow the procedure listed below: Identifying a particular model/variation can be difficult, please send the following information to assist us in identifying and/or dating your instrument quickly and accurately- A complete description including the serial number and any other information written on or inside of the instrument. Any information relating to the known history of the information (such as when and where purchased, any known repairs or modifications made) Photos of the instrument (please limit to 2MB total size - emails larger than 2MB will not reach us) – full front, full back, as well as close ups of the front and back of the headstock, also of any inside labels that the instrument may have. Thank you for writing us. Gibson Customer Service 1-800-4GIBSON service@gibson.com Thanks!
  13. that number brings up a Montana-made Elvis Presley Dove from 2002.
  14. yes, that number brings up a Jimmy Page from 1996...
  15. that serial number does not come up in my system...
  16. my database info only goes back to the late '80s, so i can't help on this one. try contacting Gibson Customer Service...they have lots of archival info on older models. 1-800-4gibson or service@gibson.com
  17. that number brings up 2 guitars in my system: an r9 in heritage darkburst finish from 2/1997, and a VOS r9 in washed cherry finish from 1/2007.
  18. I've been researching this topic quite a bit lately, so i thought i would post my findings. 2001: there was a run of Brazilian R9s in the range 91203-91250 (91201 and 91202 only come up as Les Paul Classics for me). within this range, the following numbers do NOT have Brazilian Rosewood according to my info: 91236, 91230, 91220, 91217, 91215, 91214, 91210, 91209, 91207, 91206. Also, 911007 comes up as an R9 with brazilian. 2002: 8 R9s, in the range 92038-92045 2003: 1954 Reissue, ranging from 43001-43150 -within this range of numbers, 37 are '54 Black Beautys -43001-43006 are 1-pickup '54 Goldtops that went to Dave's Guitar in WI. i am assuming these got BR 1956 Reissue, ranging from 63001-63148 -the only exception here is that number 63126 does not exist as far as i can tell 1957 Reissue, ranging from 73010-73707 -numbers below 73010 either have 2002 specs (73001, 73005, 73006, 73007), are prototypes (R7:73004; LP Junior: 73002, 73003) or do not exist -within this range, 231 are 2 or 3 pickup '57 Black Beautys -26 are LP Juniors -73431-73438 do not exist 1958 Reissue, ranging from 83001-83256 -83001-83008 are prototypes (83001-83004, 83007, 83008), and 2 of these are LP Juniors (83005, 83006). 83009 is a quilt top R8 that went to Guitar Center -within this range 29 are LP Juniors -1 is a korina explorer -83046, 83047, and 83087 do not exist 1959 Reissue, ranging from 93001-93674 -93001-93006 are prototypes -93008 has 2002 specs -3 are korina Flying Vs 1960 Reissue, ranging from 03001-03163 -03001-03010 are prototypes (except for 03007 (not a proto) and 03002 (2002 specs)), and 2 of these are LP Specials -it appears that 03007 DOES have BR -within this range, 21 are LP Specials -48 are non-Historic GC '60 LPs, none of which have BR Gary Rossington SG -13001-13075 have Brazilian Rosewood
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