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  1. as far as i know, everything coming out of the nashville and memphis shops is plek'ed.
  2. yes, we do custom orders. as far as your specific wants, the only way to get a for sure yes or no ( as well as a price and ETA) is to have a dealer submit your specs to us for review.
  3. no definite info...it is supposed to be coming out of memphis, but i don't believe they've started it yet...
  4. VOs guitar get the same amount of nitro that glossy ones do.
  5. i would guess all the details will be announced at the winter NAMM show (january '09)...
  6. no plans for it at this time...
  7. yep, just order one through any Custom Shop dealer.
  8. good question. unfortunately, i don't know the answer.
  9. sure, anything's possible. if you can get a serial number i might be able to see how many we did.
  10. i know we've done R8s with goldtops, but i don't believe we've ever done an R0 with a goldtop...you might have to start looking at a Gibson USA LP Classic to get what you're after...
  11. we do not sell these, unfortunately...try checking the "unofficial" les paul forum...there are lots of people there who have contacts for Historic replacement parts... http://www.lespaulforum.com/finalframes/frameset.htm
  12. just one of those things we run occasionally...it's not a limited run.
  13. with guitars that have a CS serial number, the first digit generally denotes year of production. with Historic Reissues, the first digit usually denotes the year being reproduced (7=R7, 8=R8 etc)
  14. no more Zakk LPs in the works at the moment, but with Zakk anything's possible...
  15. we don't have an agreement with james to make and sell a "james hetfield maltese cross and pinstripe signature les paul", which is what the guitar you want would have to be.
  16. this is not a guitar we are making at the moment...sorry.
  17. could be related to the strings binding up in the nut...maybe try lubricating the nut slots?
  18. ? i don't know where it went...i didn't do anything to it...weird.
  19. if you want to send the guitar back to us, the best way to do it would be to contact Gibson Customer Service, as they can arrange things for you. you may want to tell them you talked to me and/or give them a link to this thread so they can see what we've been talking about. Service is at 1-800-4gibson, or service@gibson.com. let me know if you have any trouble getting a response from them.
  20. no, i don't have any idea on either of your questions...sorry about that.
  21. the guys in our repair shop tell me that yes, it can be repaired, but that in all likelihood, there will always be a bit of a ghostly outline where the repair was done. if you returned the guitar to us, the cost would be approx. $100, plus shipping. i don't think this issue, either repaired or unrepaired, will cause any durability problems. let me know if you want to proceed with sending the guitar back to us.
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