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    Does this mean that I might request a "one-off" by paying up front for colors or features that are not standard fare for a Gibson Custom Shop guitar?


    More specifically' date=' some time in the near future, if it is possible, I will be interested in ordering a Les Paul Custom with a 5-A quilt--or flame--top in light trans-blue (like the Guitar Center DC's), with nickel hardware. I like the ebony fingerboard and the triple-ply binding of the Custom Shop Les Paul Custom. I also like--very much--the lighter (Prussian blue) trans-blue finish that is not available as a standard feature for the 2008 five-A Les Paul. I also think that a Les Paul with gold hardware does not maintain its beauty nearly as well as one with nickel hardware does. No offense intended to the guys at the Custom Shop, but I dislike the "vintage" look that gold hardware tends to develop, even if it is cleaned and polished regularly. If I am going to pay $5000-plus for a Custom Shop guitar, I think it reasonable to want it to still be very pretty ten years after date of purchase. Granted, the "vintage look" is all the rage these days, but I am not one to follow trends. Also, nickel hardware is much more elegant on a blue guitar.


    Thanks for the help. [img']http://forum.gibson.com/public/style_emoticons/default/smile.gif[/img]


    --Professor Chaos


    yes, we do custom orders. as far as your specific wants, the only way to get a for sure yes or no ( as well as a price and ETA) is to have a dealer submit your specs to us for review.

  2. As far as I see there's no non-VOS historic reissues available. I have no idea what anybody says' date=' but look at http://www.gibsoncustom.com/flash/products/lespauls/list.html, choose whatever Les Paul you want to and it brings up VOS. (and the usual non-historic custom guitars cost less than historic VOS). Then you can go to whatever dealer you fancy and you will actually see the same thing, that is- "historic- VOS", no other option.


    What's going on, why everybody talks about some other LP Custom historic's with "glossy finish" and slightly higher cost? :) If so, refer me to a page? Or am I just wrong here? :) I've surfed musiciansfriend and every other kinds of friends and there's nothing else historic than VOS.


    It's just confusing. I saw that 1959, 60 Standards had a higher price for some reason, but they still say "VOS". And also, why is the price higher even if 59 is gloosy, just because of that...? Or are there better parts? Something else?[/quote']


    all our Reissue LPs are available with aged (VOS) or glossy finish. glossy will be a little more expensive, as it is technically a custom order. other then the look of the finish anhardware, glossy and VOS guitars are exactly the same.


    It did not disappear. Look back in threads for the past two months and go to page 2. There it sits.


    Here is the original thread starting with my clip of La Villa Strangiato


    Alex Lifeson 355 In Action


    Admin' date=' after agreeng to lock the other two threads that were getting nowhere, we all agreed to continue positive discussions about the AL on the original In Action thread. Is there anyway to merge these threads...since people are referring to the original in this thread.




    i looked back to try to find it...guess i didn't go far enough.


    i'm not sure how to merge the threads...i'll see if i can figure it out.


    glad to hear you're enjoying the Axcess.

  4. if you want to send the guitar back to us, the best way to do it would be to contact Gibson Customer Service, as they can arrange things for you. you may want to tell them you talked to me and/or give them a link to this thread so they can see what we've been talking about.


    Service is at 1-800-4gibson, or service@gibson.com.


    let me know if you have any trouble getting a response from them.

  5. the guys in our repair shop tell me that yes, it can be repaired, but that in all likelihood, there will always be a bit of a ghostly outline where the repair was done. if you returned the guitar to us, the cost would be approx. $100, plus shipping.


    i don't think this issue, either repaired or unrepaired, will cause any durability problems.


    let me know if you want to proceed with sending the guitar back to us.

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