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  1. OK, i can see the photos. i will tell you what i think about it, but you must understand that i am NOT the person who makes determinations on what is a warranty issue or not...you really need to contact someone in Customer Service either here or in China to get an "official" judgment. my personal opinion is that what you have looks like a guitar that got dropped on its butt, and the screw/strapbutton jammed into the body as a result. whether that happened during transit from here to the dealer, or at the dealer's, or sometime on its way to China...who knows. if it was my guitar, and it was going to be a huge hassle to get it rectified, i would probably live with it as that issue is not going to affect the looks, tone, or playability of the guitar at all. but, you have to make your own decision...good luck, sorry i couldn't be of morem help.
  2. i still can't see the photos, and still recommend you at least contact Gibson CS in China to see if they can help you out...there's not much else i can do. when you buy a guitar in another country, your warranty is only good in the country you purchased it in. so, unless CS China can help you, you're going to have to send the guitar back to the US if you want the issue addressed.
  3. unfortunately, i cannot see your pictures, but here's what i can tell you...we DO use 2 different size screws, so yes, having a larger screw in the bootm position is correct. as far as the screw being tightened too far, that's certainly possible...it's also possible that guitar was dropped or otherwise stressed during transit to China and that the screw was shoved into the body as a result of that stress..that seems a bit more likely to me. you might want to contact our Customer Service office in China and see if they can take a look at it for you. In China Only 800-820-8841 service.china@gibson.com
  4. todd, yes...as far as i can tell the only "major" difference between the 2 is that the 50th anniversary has the channelled centerblock and the Historic does not...
  5. no, all price quotes must come througha dealer...sorry.
  6. why would i post links to and confirm specs for guitars that are fake? no idea when or if these colors will ever be included on the website. i don't control that.
  7. same specs other than the color. http://www.gibsoncustom.com/flash/products/lespauls/axcess/AxcessIcedTea.html
  8. red and green are available now.
  9. the 50th anniversary 335 has 'bees and CTS, and the centerblock has the wiring channel...
  10. comparing the spec info i have, i really don't see any major differences. i am trying to confirm the electronics and the centerblock questions...
  11. look back on page 11 of this thread...there are links to the red and green...
  12. whoever wants to order them...
  13. yes, we have been talking to Tony about this guitar. i'm not aware that there is a release date or production info confirmed as of yet...i wouold guess that it will be sometime next year.
  14. since these 2 colors weren't even in the original plan, it's impossible for me to say what will and won't be offered, or for how long.
  15. we are running both right now, and you will probably eventually see other "not regularly offered" variations as well.
  16. the run was 55, and there was also a "pilot run" of 10, so 65 total were done, not including prototypes.
  17. there is no limit. we'll continue to make it as long as they sell.
  18. that was a limited run guitar we ran in 2003/2004 (which is why it's no longer on our site). i'd think you'd be able to find images fairly easily on the Les Paul Forum, or maybe ebay or gbase...
  19. this guitar is made by Gibson USA, so i wouldn't have any insight into error numbers on this. sorry about that.
  20. it is a regular production model...no limit.
  21. we do custom orders. submit your specs to your local dealer...he can send them into us for review. we can then tell you if the guitar is doable, and if so give an ETA and price.
  22. that would be nice, but i have heard no talk about it up to now.
  23. gotcha...i mis-read you initial questions. sorry about that.
  24. should come with a care kit and a custom-logo case.
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