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  1. not on the robot guitar, as we do not make that here in the CS. you might be able to do it on something else...we have done it in the past. the only way to get a for sure answer is to have a dealer contact us with your specs. then we can evaluate everything and get back to you with a yes or no, as well as a price and ETA.
  2. i believe the only differences were the lightly aged finish/hardware, grovers tuners, and a slightly different neck joint. can't remember if the pickups are 57 Classics or Burstbuckers, but it's one or the other. you may have to pull them to confirm.
  3. hard to say, but at this time my guess would be no.
  4. i have nothing to do with what the website says or doesn't say, in fact i rarely even look at it any part of it other than this forum. if you are so dead set on having a JP model, i am sure you will be able to find one on the used market. Good luck!! yes, we do take custom orders. you need to find a dealer and have that dealer submit your specs to us for review. then we can tell you if we can do the guitar, and if so how much it will cost and how long it will take.
  5. the robot guitar is made by Gibson USA, the Custom Shop generally does not do orders based upon models made by other divisions of this company. sorry...
  6. haven't heard any discussion here about 1 or 2... yes, we should have silverburst listed...i think our website is getting close to being made over. hopefully we can get some of these fixes implemented then.
  7. the VOS started at 101...we stopped at 66 on the aged.
  8. as far as i know, yes they are the same.
  9. the last digit would be a "1", indicating 1st quality. these guitars were a run we did exclusively for guitar center a couple years back.
  10. we had contractual agreements with Jimmy regarding production numbers of all 3 versions of this JP guitar: aged, un-aged, and custom authentic. when we reached those specified numbers, the production was ended on all 3. Because of this contractual agreement, we cannot make anymore of any of them. Sorry.
  11. the aging is the only difference. Again, ALL the JP models have run their course and are now discontinued. if you want to buy ANY of the JP models, you will have to look at the used market.
  12. all "inspired by" guitars have a limit of 300.
  13. COAs are for the original owner only...sorry about that.
  14. i don't believe so...i will confirm on monday.
  15. i will have to check on monday, but i think we started the VOS ones at JS 100, and continued on up. i don't believe we actually did 100 aged ones...i will confirm on monday.
  16. by "here", i meant within the custom shop...i have not heard any discussion about discontinuing VOS...
  17. thanks for all the comments here...closing now.
  18. no, we were using pot metal tailpieces back then...some say the LWTP creates better sustain, but i think that's a matter of opinion/taste.
  19. not sure on this one, i'm thinking the top would not be able to handle the stress of the Floyd...have a dealer send in your specs and we'll see if it's do-able.
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