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  1. i haven't heard any discussion about this here.
  2. i wish i had that much influence. but we use a FIFO order allocation system, so Saul will get whichever one is available when his number gets called. but response seems to have been pretty favorable on these, so with any luck yours will be a good one too.
  3. somehow i feel sure that Lerxst Lee's conversation with the NYSAG did not include him reiterating these words from his July 12 post: I would return most items over 100 bucks if it was not correct . Imo , Thats my short answer . If I only have 48 hours to send something back , and only about 2 hours to try it , Don't count on it making it back in time . A nice check of my new guitar " overall " is sufficient for me . a VOS finish or lack thereof would be obvious upon opening the case...you wouldn't even have to take the guitar out to see if the finish/hardware were lightly aged. 48 hours, or even 2 hours, should be plenty of time to look and make a decision about keeping or not keeping an instrument. and considering the thousands upon thousands of guitars we sell every year, i don't think that BBB report looks all that bad.
  4. the axcess is not a limited run.
  5. the zakk LP is a regular product for us, and is currently available. the Zakk flying V is a limited run of 300 and is also still available.
  6. it wouldn't be the paint cracking, it would be the nitrocellulose lacquer that seals in the paint. it seems unlikely that a guitar that is not exposed to radical tempearture changes would be having this kind of problem, but i guess anything is possible. if you have a chance, you might want your local authorized service center to take a look at it and see what he thinks...
  7. i don't have exact info, but i think these ran from approx. 1999 to 2005. we did do one in 2008 as a custom order. a TI with a serial number just under 200 would have been made in late 2002.
  8. personally i don't see any difference between the finished AL neck and the white wood template. still love that skateboarder, though.
  9. the neck was approved as it is. all the necks are like this, even Alex Lifeson's. and these pictures were posted weeks ago. you're adding nothing new to the discussion...actually, nobody is at this point, which is why these threads are going to get locked.
  10. which is why i'm not suppressing anything. thanks for your comment.
  11. i have not ignored your questions about the volute. i have asked and asked and asked about it, and the answers i have given here are the answers i've gotten. believe me...no one here is asking "how high?" when i say "jump!" you don't like the answers...fine, i get that. you don't like the volute...fine i get that, too. my point is that unless the few of you who are still bent about this issue elect to try a different route to get this design question answered (and that's why i posted the company directory for you...twice), then as far as i am concerned the matter is resolved. Further, continued posting of the same questions over and over and over again isn't getting any of us anywhere. so, as i said recently...enjoy the guitar for what it is, or sell it and move on with your life. I'm going to let these 2 threads stay open until Friday. at that time, i will be locking them, and any new threads on this topic will be deleted. not because i am trying to suppress discussion about this topic, but because everything that's going to be said about it has been covered in the 50 pages of posts already on this forum.
  12. the specs on the WH call for a Tone Pros aluminum tailpiece, and for bumblebees and CTS pots so that's what it should have.
  13. http://forums.gibson.com/default.aspx?g=posts&t=1770
  14. we can do up to 300, but i believe we are only in the 160s...
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