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  1. yes it has the LNT, i believe the pickups are standard burstbuckers
  2. good question. it's something we've been talking about for years....just hasn't happened yet.
  3. the info i have doesn't get that specialized...sorry about that.
  4. we don't sell the maestro as an aftermarket part...sorry.
  5. the one we did was a replica of a '78 LP: http://www.gibsoncustom.com/inspiredby/JohnSykesCustom.html
  6. we run these on a pretty regular basis, and any Custom dealer should be able to get you one.
  7. it's something we are still making, any dealer should be able to order you one.
  8. at the moment, we don't have any way to do direct sales to consumers, so you will have to have a dealer contact us with your specs in order to get a quote and ETA. the 1960 LP has the slimmest neck of the years i listed...
  9. hi chris, acoustics are made at our facility in Montana, not here in Nashville, so i don't really have any info on these. try contacting Customer Service, or our Montana location directly for more info. CS: 1-800-4gibson, or service@gibson.com Montana: 1-800-426-2636 good luck.
  10. no, these had a specific limited number attached to them, so we won't be remaking them. try the used market...
  11. we do custom orders, but you can't pick an individual builder to do the entire guitar...sorry. the key LP years for us here at the CS are 1958-1960...
  12. no, Page only signed COAs for the 1st 25 guitars...
  13. i believe we do put 3 strap buttons on the historic firebirds... not sure about the pickup output, they're just standard gibson mini-humbuckers, though. http://www.gibson.com/en%2Dus/Divisions/Gibson%20Gear/Pickups/Mini%2DHumbucker/
  14. production of the pete townshend LPs has ended...
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