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  1. i believe we started plek'ing historic LPs in 2006...
  2. yes, the only GC exclusive is the plaintop '60 LP mentioned elsewhere. any '59s you are seeing there should be the same as ones you can get anywhere else.
  3. i'm not sure what 2 models you're referring to...are there links you can provide to show the difference?
  4. yes, we still make the PM model. as far as production numbers go, we don't release them unless the guitar in question is part of an announced limited run...this one is not. sorry about that.
  5. though i have not personally seen the contract, i sincerely doubt there's any language in it which would govern Alex's comments about this or any other topic.
  6. skip, i answered your question above. there are no plans to do a production run of the Custom version of the axcess at this time.
  7. green keys is correct. the spec changed, but the website has not been updated.
  8. at this time, there are no plans to do a Custom version of this as a regular production model.
  9. they are available in Iced Tea and Gun Metal Grey. list price in the US is approx. $5200.
  10. sounds like the website is not working quite right. try contacting Gibson Customer Service to let them know. they are at 1-800-4gibson or service@gibson.com.
  11. list price in the US for a Firebird VII is $7645. i did most of the sound files with the Line 6 Guitar Port and Cakewalk recording software. sounds like i used some sort of Marshall model and maybe a distorion stompbox model on this one...
  12. we use south american mahogany, and have for several years. that is as specific as anyone here will get with me, so i'm not sure where all these questions about honduran mahogany are coming from.
  13. we have price increases every year. just standard operating procedure for us.
  14. ebony is ebony..."brazilian" is used in reference to rosewood fingerboards.
  15. they are different processes. the custom authentic finish was achieved mostly via buffing ther guitar, but the VOS finish involves several propreitary steps.
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