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  1. Thinking about changing my stock tuners for the vintage style gibsons. Are there any alterations I'm going to need to do as far as resizing the holes for the shafts, or making new holes for the screws?
  2. I recently upgraded the pickups in my dot. While doing so I decided to re-wire the whole thing. I bought cts pots, orange drop capacitors .47mf. Stupidly I didn't pay enough attention to the previous wiring. I found a schematic on gibson website for a sheraton II b/c they didn't have one for the dot. Got it all together, nothing but grounding problems. I called my local repair guy and he said to use the same one from seymour duncan and wired it the one from sd was different somewhat in how the capacitors connected. Akthough this worked better than the gibson diagram. Did,. Question: does anyone have a schematic for a dot they can send me by email? An actual picture of the wiring harness would help too. Secondly should I use a single conductor shielded wiring? ! Used 20gauge solid wire and just ran s ground wire around all the pots Any thoughts or suggestiins would help Thanks
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