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  1. Read that a few days ago. http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/roger-daltrey-calls-ac-dc-with-axl-rose-karaoke-20160422#ixzz46bmEiQS3
  2. Thanks goodness we have young bands that want to keep Rock & Roll alive too. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC333-BODbLTVovT_MbrgsQg
  3. Thanks guys. Hayden, I think I have enough for now. What I am waiting on is to see if PRS is going to offer an Archon 25 watt head. They do have the 25 watt open back combo, but there has been rumor of a 25 watt head coming out, maybe even a signature Mark Tremonti 25 watt head fashioned after the Archon. Also have heard he may have sued the prototype on his new album he is recording.
  4. Thanks. Shoot, I know some here (I think) and over at the PRS forum who have around 100 guitars in their collection. I am good at 10 for now. Famous last words :D
  5. Showed up in my Facebbok feed. http://ultimateclassicrock.com/angus-young-guns-n-roses-coachella/?trackback=fbshare_top_flat_3
  6. New Tuner Buttons Installed 2-27-2016 To black out my guitar even more, I changed out the stock S2 tuner buttons for some that I got from Stew-Mac, and they are Ebony large Schaller Replacement Knobs. Very easy to change out, and I used my Grundorf GMT003B Portable Guitar Maintenance Table. I use this table whenever I change out the truss rod covers, or the tuner knobs like I did on my PRS 408 a few years ago, (This was before I got my new guitar tech station I posted in here last week.) One thing I noticed is when I loosened the screw or tightened it up on the knob the pitch of the
  7. I had no intention of having a new guitar when I walked into my dealer back in February. I took in my PRS SE Zach Myers to my dealer to get it setup properly as I was not "feeling" it anymore for that guitar. Plus I did not like the aftermarket tuners I had them put on when I bought it a few years ago, so I took them in the same ones I run on all of my other PRS SE guitars, the Planet Waves/D'Addario Autotrim ones. While there the owner showed me a black 2015 PRS S2 Custom 22 Semi-Hollow, and immediately it spoke to me. "Take me home, buy me now." I picked it up and it felt so light.
  8. CoreyT


    I have two Line 6 G50s, like them very much.
  9. Thanks guys, this is way easier than before to do any work on my guitars. Premier Guitar sent me around six of their stickers, and I ordered three sizes of some AC/DC die-cut stickers from Amazon. The latter are very professional, and would also stand up to being on a vehicle window out in the elements. Two new stickers on the middle drawer. Also did not realize that the bottom drawer is way deeper than the middle two ones.
  10. Red LED lights on Multi colored LED lights on No need for a neck rest, but just to be safe... I found out I really do not have to use the Stew-Mac guitar neck rest as when the guitar is laying flat, the foam is high enough to let the entire ride neck and headstock above it. But just to be safe going to keep using it.
  11. A few years back I bought a portable Grundorf work station. It is a very cool portable work station for sure, but using it on top of my guitar case cabinet it too high for me. Either I need to grow another foot, or the cabinet needs to shrink a foot, and I do not see that happening. Using the Grundorf on the floor is OK, but a little hard for me :D So...after Googling and ogling over the type of tech stations big bands use, I dropped the coin on a Circle Three Designs one after conversing with owner Christopher Shalhoub. He had one in stock that I liked, so I placed my order fo
  12. Very nice! I am a huge fan of PRS. The two guitars I play the most are my 2013 PRS 408, and my 2012 '61 SG Reissue.
  13. Yes, it is a Fenandes Z0-3. You can play it by itself since it has a built in speaker, or plug it in like a regular electric. My youngest son gave it to me back around 2004. They made two models, one for no export out of Japan, and one that could be exported. The one I have is the one that should not have left Japan. I do not have the original case, but my PRS SE gigbags work perfect for it. Also a rifle soft case works too. It is a nice playing guitar, and it has a maple neck I believe. There are a few vids on YouTube of it by a few. Here is some info on it I found a few yea
  14. Living room. Office at work, I keep a Blackstar ID15 there so I can play before work, and sometimes at breaks. Other side of living room is where my cases reside. And in my daydreams, on stage with AC/DC
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