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  1. I mentioned this in another thread, but it will get buried there. http://www2.gibson.com/Community/Gibson-App.aspx Pretty cool app for Android and Mac, I got it a few months back for my Droid Bionic. I was thinking of getting a dedicated metronome for practice off of Amazon, but the one in the app is actually very good. If not loud enough for you, you can use your phones 1/8" output jack and run it into something louder. In my case I can run it into the MP3 in on my little Fender Mustang One amp, and it will then be loud enough if I crank up my Carvin V3M some.
  2. Thanks Josh, so I take it I would need the felt then to be Nitro safe? If you could PM me a price on a folding one for my SG that would be great. I am not sure on what type of wood to get, something that would look great with my cherry colored '61 Reissue SG I guess.
  3. Oh gosh I love those guitar stands. Is the rubber used on it Nitro finish safe? If so, I need to order a stand or two. Going to look on your site for pricing. PS, looked on your site, but the guitar stands are not listed yet under the store area?
  4. Now that you mention it, it is kind of a vanilla flavor smell, not like glue at all. My '73 Les Paul Deluxe I got brand new back then did not have that smell at all when new, I wonder if it had the nitro finish back then?
  5. My 2012 '61 SG Reissue has the same smell. I thought it was the SG, not the case? Anyways, everytime I open the case I smell it, and it smells GREAT :D
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