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  1. Read that a few days ago. http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/roger-daltrey-calls-ac-dc-with-axl-rose-karaoke-20160422#ixzz46bmEiQS3
  2. Thanks goodness we have young bands that want to keep Rock & Roll alive too. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC333-BODbLTVovT_MbrgsQg
  3. Thanks guys. Hayden, I think I have enough for now. What I am waiting on is to see if PRS is going to offer an Archon 25 watt head. They do have the 25 watt open back combo, but there has been rumor of a 25 watt head coming out, maybe even a signature Mark Tremonti 25 watt head fashioned after the Archon. Also have heard he may have sued the prototype on his new album he is recording.
  4. Thanks. Shoot, I know some here (I think) and over at the PRS forum who have around 100 guitars in their collection. I am good at 10 for now. Famous last words :D
  5. Showed up in my Facebbok feed. http://ultimateclassicrock.com/angus-young-guns-n-roses-coachella/?trackback=fbshare_top_flat_3
  6. New Tuner Buttons Installed 2-27-2016 To black out my guitar even more, I changed out the stock S2 tuner buttons for some that I got from Stew-Mac, and they are Ebony large Schaller Replacement Knobs. Very easy to change out, and I used my Grundorf GMT003B Portable Guitar Maintenance Table. I use this table whenever I change out the truss rod covers, or the tuner knobs like I did on my PRS 408 a few years ago, (This was before I got my new guitar tech station I posted in here last week.) One thing I noticed is when I loosened the screw or tightened it up on the knob the pitch of the string changed. I do not remember this happening when I did my 408, I think the pitch did not change, but I could be wrong. The new tuner buttons are the same shape and size as the original S2 tuner buttons. I do have the screws screwed in most of the way, and this makes it now a bit harder to adjust the tuners , so I may slack off a bit on the screw, but I really do not mind it being a little stiffer. I also used my Stew-Mac Guitar Tech Screwdriver Set. This is a great compact toolkit for working on the guitars, and I do not have to grab perhaps a greasy tool that I have used on my FJ Cruiser when working on it. I like the blackout look better, and my next mod to this guitar might be some Seymour Duncan 59 pickups in all black. Bridge Neck Links Schaller Replacement Knobs Guitar Tech Screwdriver Set Grundorf GMT003B Portable Guitar Maintenance Table The guitar also lost some weight, 1.5 oz to be exact. The stock chrome tuner buttons weigh in at 2 ounces, and the replacements weigh in at 1/2 ounce. A few pictures from then. New buttons, 1/2 ounce. Chrome on the left, ebony on the right. All ebony buttons on. Old buttons at 2.0 ounces. Full shot with new buttons installed. Yep, 1.5 ounces weight lost from last Saturdays weigh in when it was stock. If I get new pickups installed later, not sure if the new ones will weigh less or more than the stock PRS S2 #7 pickups.
  7. I had no intention of having a new guitar when I walked into my dealer back in February. I took in my PRS SE Zach Myers to my dealer to get it setup properly as I was not "feeling" it anymore for that guitar. Plus I did not like the aftermarket tuners I had them put on when I bought it a few years ago, so I took them in the same ones I run on all of my other PRS SE guitars, the Planet Waves/D'Addario Autotrim ones. While there the owner showed me a black 2015 PRS S2 Custom 22 Semi-Hollow, and immediately it spoke to me. "Take me home, buy me now." I picked it up and it felt so light. The neck on it is a little fatter than what I like, but it was easy to adjust to. I played it for a bit, and also another PRS, the CE 24. Not really keen on 24 frets, so I thought it over, and after I got home and told the owner I want it. Asked to have it restrung with Ernie Ball Cobalt Super Slinkies in 9-42 gauge, as that is what I have on all of my guitars. I did however ask to dry out the D'Addario NYXL 9s on the Zach Myers. More on that in a bit. Dealer emailed me later after I spoke with him, and he said the ZM would be ready Monday as more was involved changing out the tuners. When I got up Thursday morning a new email from him said both guitars were ready, as it slowed down in the shop. Took off work an hour early and he had both guitars over by a Mesa Boogie Mark Five 25 amp, just I have at home. Jacked into the amp first with the ZM and the guitar blew me away. It did not feel like it did before, it felt much better and I was back in love with it again. Plugged in the new guitar and was also blown away by how it played. Messed around with it for awhile and then went up to pay the piper. Loaded them up in my FJ, and after I got home I played them both unplugged and the ZM stood out when letting a chord ring, the D'Addario strings on it sounded better to me than my standard EB Cobalts I have been running since 2012. Guess who is going to be switching all the guitars over to the XLs when they need to be restrung? I have been kind of wanting another semi-hollow especially after playing my son's Christmas present that I got him. His SE by the way that I got him is one of the nicest SEs I have ever played. Since this new S2 already comes with locking tuners, there was no need to put new ones on. The only mods I did was change out the truss rod cover to the official PRS forums truss rod cover. Hopefully the forum will do another run on them, as I only had bought three of them a few years ago, and I would like at least six more. I also run Schaller Strap Locks on all of my straps and their end pins on the guitar. I happened to have a black set of end pins, and they look very stealth on the guitar since it is black. In the future I am going to have my tech at the dealer take off the covered pickups and swap them out for some nice black bobbin type pickups. Doing some research on some vintage ones that will give me a nice AC/DC type of sound. Anyway, this new guitar is a joy to play and so light. I am glad it called out to me when I dropped off the ZM for maintenance. Oh, also picked up a new SKB PRS TSA approved flight case too. This makes four of these cases I have now. Not very light, but they have wheels built into one end, and you can pull it just like luggage. I feel the quality on this S2 pretty much matches my more expensive "Core" model, the 408. Links PRS S2 Custom 22 Semi-Hollow Schaller Strap Locks (Nickle, they have black and chrome at Amazon too) SKB Injection Molded Guitar Case, PRS Shaped Interior, TSA Latches with wheels On with some pictures Ten guitars, the SE Custom 24 in front of the TV may be sold to a Boeing semi driver at work. Light as a feather! Check out the reflection of the tremolo arm and my shirt on the guitar. More reflection, this is my first black guitar with a solid color. The Official PRS forum truss rod cover. Chillin' on the sofa. Rear shot. Exactly 6.8 lbs. Better shot of the scales screen. At home in its new bed.
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    I have two Line 6 G50s, like them very much.
  9. Thanks guys, this is way easier than before to do any work on my guitars. Premier Guitar sent me around six of their stickers, and I ordered three sizes of some AC/DC die-cut stickers from Amazon. The latter are very professional, and would also stand up to being on a vehicle window out in the elements. Two new stickers on the middle drawer. Also did not realize that the bottom drawer is way deeper than the middle two ones.
  10. Red LED lights on Multi colored LED lights on No need for a neck rest, but just to be safe... I found out I really do not have to use the Stew-Mac guitar neck rest as when the guitar is laying flat, the foam is high enough to let the entire ride neck and headstock above it. But just to be safe going to keep using it.
  11. A few years back I bought a portable Grundorf work station. It is a very cool portable work station for sure, but using it on top of my guitar case cabinet it too high for me. Either I need to grow another foot, or the cabinet needs to shrink a foot, and I do not see that happening. Using the Grundorf on the floor is OK, but a little hard for me :D So...after Googling and ogling over the type of tech stations big bands use, I dropped the coin on a Circle Three Designs one after conversing with owner Christopher Shalhoub. He had one in stock that I liked, so I placed my order for it. Christopher has supplied a lot of bands with his gear including Joe Bonamassa. Here are the specs on it: I will be able to stand at a comfortable height when working on my guitars, and have the extra storage in the drawers for stuff. One can never have enough extra space for "stuff" :D I also like how it has an LED light to help me see what I am doing. The LED light strip has multiple colored light in it which you can display one color at a time, or all combined. Also you can put it in a mode where the lights dance back and forth while changing colored. There is also a sound activation mic that can time the lights to music. I am very pleased with this tech station, plenty of room, and a nice work area for my guitars. Links: Circle Three Designs Tech Stations Circle Three Designs on Facebook Onto some pictures: Front view with the front/table on covering the drawers Front turned around showing the legs inside that convert it into a table Front view with many stickers I have been saving LED lights and magnetic tool holder Six outlet power strip That little plastic box to the right I thought was a fuse holder, as I had no power to the strip. Opened it up later and it is a switch for the outlets, very nice, and I had power galore! Where do all the pedals go when you swap them out, they go to the bottom drawer of the guitar tech station Sung to Nirvana's Lake Of Fire song. Middle drawer for cables The drawers are deep at 7.5". Top drawer for tools, strings, and miscellaneous items FedEx dropped off yesterday some new tools from Stew-Mac including that guitar shaped parts holder, three nut drivers, and pliers and cutters. Green LED lights on
  12. Very nice! I am a huge fan of PRS. The two guitars I play the most are my 2013 PRS 408, and my 2012 '61 SG Reissue.
  13. Yes, it is a Fenandes Z0-3. You can play it by itself since it has a built in speaker, or plug it in like a regular electric. My youngest son gave it to me back around 2004. They made two models, one for no export out of Japan, and one that could be exported. The one I have is the one that should not have left Japan. I do not have the original case, but my PRS SE gigbags work perfect for it. Also a rifle soft case works too. It is a nice playing guitar, and it has a maple neck I believe. There are a few vids on YouTube of it by a few. Here is some info on it I found a few years back with a Google search. http://theguitartherapist.blogspot.com/2011/07/review-fernandes-zo-3-series-guitar.html
  14. I have this coming via Netflix.
  15. Living room. Office at work, I keep a Blackstar ID15 there so I can play before work, and sometimes at breaks. Other side of living room is where my cases reside. And in my daydreams, on stage with AC/DC
  16. I posted my Mesa Mark Five 25 back in post 122, but added a Fryette Power Station to it. Now I can crank up the gain and master volume on the Boogie and not blow my neighbors away by attenuating it with the Fryette. Also changed out the white pickup rings on the 408 to their black ones, looks a heck of a lot better I think.
  17. My coworker and her father took it to my dealer Wednesday, and he also authenticated it as a '52. I should hear more on it next week.
  18. CoreyT


    That is gorgous, and the new cases are sure different looking.
  19. Bence, it goes into the shop this Wednesday my coworker said. She said her father is looking forward to playing it, and his wife already told him he is not playing it, it will be put on display :D Yes, Eric, would have been nice if they just used a regular bridge like they went to in '53. Found a video of a guy here with one, he is having a hard time keeping it in tune. There is even a video from six years ago with Phil X playing one.
  20. I hope the shop can work some magic to make it play better. And hopefully he finds something else while there to take home that is easier to play. Yep, I am pretty luck at work as I start early, and most of the building is not populated until several hours later. I can crank that amp up to 10 if I want to, and there would be no one to complain. Later in the day if I want to play during lunch or last break, I have to have it down much more :D
  21. Thanks Bence! Here are a few pics of me with this old axe, and a quick short video. The phone did not pick up the volume very good, but that is a good thing as it sounded like poop :D She is going to bring it back to work once she and her dad get it back from the shop so I can play it when it is actually in tune. I am trying to get her to talk her dad into putting this thing into a lighted display wall cabinet and just display it, and get something else to play that is a lot easier to play. You can see one of my Hercules wall mounts behind me where I keep one of my guitars during the work week. I always try and play a bit in the morning before work, and I have a Blackstar ID15 amp there to jam out on too.
  22. Thanks Bence. I have not had to clean any of my fretboards yet, but I think I bought some Naphta a few years back. Would this stuff from Stew Mac be better to use on mine too? It says it colors the board too?
  23. Thanks Bence, I will pass the info along to him when he visits my dealer for a setup on it. I had talked with my dealer yesterday asking him is he wanted to work on a piece of history, and he said yes. Will tell him to try and free up the stock tuners and not replace when with a modern Kluson. What about the fretboard, would you advise the shop to clean it with lemon oil to get the gunk of the fretboard, or to not even touch it? I had a suspicion when she told me her dad was given this guitar that it might be a classic, but I never had an idea it would be one of the first Les Pauls made. Really curious how many 52s were made. I can see why they changed to a better bridge though in '53, that trapeze thing is horrendous :)
  24. Hey Bence, I know you are probably in bed, as you are nine hours ahead of Seattle time. Customer Service called me today and indeed this is a '52 Les Paul. A few things that were done was someone added the AMS6262 to the rear of the headstock as '52s did not have serial numbers. Also the top has been repainted. What keeps it from being a loss is they left the front of the headstock alone, it is all stock there. Her dad is around 76 or so, and he will pay for it to be all setup and the electronics gone through, she is going to take it to my PRS dealer who does fantastic work. He use to be a Gibson dealer in the past, but he is the only shop I trust with my guitars in my area. May need new vintage tuners, unless they can be oiled to work again as they are super stiff. Her dad is very excited that it is a '52. Hell I am super excited to have held it, if only it could talk and tell us all who have touched it in the past. I am 58, this thing is older than me :D She is going to get a pic of me tomorrow holding this piece of history. They went for $210 brand new. http://www.premierguitar.com/articles/1952-gibson-les-paul-no-serial-vs-1953-gibson-les-paul-serial-no-3-0602-1 Scroll down to no serial numbers...
  25. Thanks Bence! I just took some more pics, but will have to upload them tonight to my server when I get home as they are big to attach here. I believe the neck angle is like the goldtop '52 you showed, and I pulled off the control cover here at work and indeed the ground wire hole is square. Will try and get these pics up tonight or early Friday morning for you. If this indeed is a '52, what is it worth in US $$$? She was going to take it home yesterday but first stop at the eye doctor, and I told her two things: 1. Never leave a guitar in a hot vehicle. 2. Never in plain site as she has a Jeep soft top, and I could see someone ripping this off from her very quickly. It will stay at work until Friday when she leaves her to go straight to her parents house.
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