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  1. Check out the DVD study course by Steve Krenz at http://www.LearnAndMaster.com. Gibson Skills House is a good resource for specific guitar topics http://www2.gibson.com/Lessons/Skills-House.aspx
  2. I found mine at Gibson Day in September at my nearby 5-Star Dealer, Bailey Brothers. I understand it is one of a run of 20 made this year, so it is apparently somewhat of a rare breed. Of the three J200's in the shop that day, the Western Classic is the one that spoke to me!
  3. My first Gibson Acoustic was (and is) a J45 True Vintage (2012). It was the one on the wall that spoke to me. Now I have two other Gibson Acoustics but not another J45.
  4. I have registered online, and received email confirmation. But I keep my receipt showing I bought it from an authorized Gibson dealer. I also keep a photocopy in a safe place. In the final analysis the receipt is what you need for the Gibson warranty.
  5. To the OP -- are you saying that 2010 and 2011 was tough for Gibson? Do you remember the Nashville Flood? Do you remember the Feds raid on the Nashville plant? But the ES335 is made in Memphis. I would agree that those two years were tough on Gibson from a business perspective. But through it all Gibson kept making excellent product. I have a 2011 Les Paul Studio 60's Tribute that was made in Nashville at the time of the raid (serial number just a few days before). I have a 2012 ES335 that was made in Memphis. Both are excellent!
  6. It's always up to a 'willing seller' and a 'willing buyer'. I am a fan of the free market and a private sale or trade is whatever is agreeable. I would not agree, so no sale / no trade!
  7. I would not take that for my J45 TV!
  8. Great choice! I know you will really enjoy that J45 TV.
  9. lblack


    I found a J45 TV last year and really thought it was what I wanted (needed?). But I resisted and walked out of the store without buying it. I thought about it every day after that. And, talked over and over with my Wife about it. One week later I went back in and it was still there! It left the store with me. I fought the GAS impulse, but I was only able to resist a short time. Now, I am glad I have it and have no remorse. My J45 TV is a keeper!
  10. lblack


    I bought my J45TV about a year ago. One month later, my 5-Star dealer had a Gibson Day. I took my J45TV in for a checkup and string change. The Gibson rep did a setup (really, only about 1/4 turn of the truss rod), resulting in lower action. Now, while the factory setup was just fine -- the lower action made it even better! Some say that lowering the action would reduce volume -- but I did not observe that on my J45TV. One year later, I took it in for a 'well baby' checkup. My local guitar expert looked it over, played it a bit. His first comment was 'Wow, that is a loud J45!'. Then h
  11. When I bought my L-00 TV, I played a Robert Johnson L-1 (a 12-fretter), a (used) 2011 Ren Ferguson hand-built L-00, and (what is now my) L-00 TV. The 12 fretter seemed to be very responsive to finger picking and had a unique sound. There's something about the position of the bridge further down on the body. The RF L-00 was the top of the line, even used it was the highest priced model I tried. I found the L-00 TV offered what I was looking for, sound / feel / total package. So I bought the L-00 TV. After one month, I am glad I got the L-00 TV to join the family that includes a J45 TV.
  12. Congratulations! You have a fantastic instrument there. I have the J45 TV, and the Southern Jumbo is a built along the J45 design with different dressing -- the block inlays on the neck vs. dots, and the pick guard, and others. All around a great choice! The strings from the factory are 80/20 (I think). I have used D'Addario exp coated phosphor bronze (12's) and recently changed to D'Addario EJ16 strings (12's). I like the sound of the PB strings. You will find that string choice is a lot of personal taste and there are threads here on the forum that discuss strings at length.
  13. I formerly had an Epiphone ES-175 (I have since traded it). But I found a simple string swap improved the sound. My Epi ES175 came with 10's installed by the factory. I changed to 11's and found I liked the sound better. You may find that going to 12's with a wound 3rd string will give you even better sound so I suggest you try the string gauge change to 12's with a wound 3rd string and see how you like it. You have many choices, but I find D'Addario light jazz strings to be a good choice.
  14. I'm glad you had the foresight to have Gibson to do a True Vintage version of the L-00. I am really enjoying it!
  15. For best sound, plug into an acoustic amp. If you want to use your electric guitar amp, choose a clean channel, and you can run that. Carefully adjust volumes to get a good sound. If your pickup in the J35 is an active pickup (i.e. battery powered), you can run without a DI box. But if your pickup is passive, you need the DI box.
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