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  1. That's a great guitar. Happy New SG Guitar Day. The first SG I ever got to play and keep (temporarily) was my father's 1987 or 89 SG Special with Bigsby.I finally was able to get an SG of my own and now have 3. They are all my faves. In fact I've been spinning off some of my other guitars because they just don't get played. I always grab an SG. Occasionally my LP. Enjoy the heck out of it.
  2. That's great they sent you the 4 tuners. I have 3 Gibson's with Minetune but I just removed the Minetune off my SG 60's Tribute. I've had warranty issues with that module and it still is the most glitchy of the 3. I had enough and put locking 18:1 Grovers on. I do like Minetune but I still have my reservations about making it standard issue on every guitar. If you have a unit that works reliably they can be an excellent feature.
  3. Glad you got it adjusted. Whenever I tweak a trus rod I usually give the night before checking it the next day. Sometimes it just needs a little time to settle in.
  4. If you have played the actual instruments you want to buy and you like them go for it. I have 3, 2014 models. 2 Melody Makers and a Led Paul Futura. They are very cool guitars. I think you should enjoy yours for a long time.
  5. I just bought a Spirit Deluxe with the Steinberger brand pickups. They are still EMG selects I believe. I think they sound great and versatile. Each position on the switch produces a totally different useable tone. I think EMG selects don't get the credit they deserve.
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