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  1. Here is a pic of my 2012 Standard that I tried to get a little creative with.
  2. I can't believe this thread is still going on. Bring the guitar to a competent luthier and have him check it out. More than likely it's the nut that the string is binding on. If a good luthier can;t fix it than sell it and get one that works for you. This is not rocket science.
  3. Here is a Desert Burst Here is a heritage Cherry Sunburst These are pictures of the 2012 LP Standard but the colors are pretty much the same across models.
  4. That is in no way a Desert Burst finish.
  5. Do you make guitar stands and if so where could I buy one.... or two?
  6. All of the knobs on my 2012 LP Standard have the one knob that is different than your others. I am jealous. Where can I get those?
  7. I just received the Platet Waves Auto Trim Locking Tuners yesterday and installed them last night. I am overjoyed with this purchase. Not only do they look great and make it too easy to change strings the 18:1 turning ratio makes it easier to tune up accurately. It stays in tune much better as well. I now own three Planet Wave products and each one of them perform better than expected. I am not affiliated with them in any way except being a stisfied customer. I think the original poster may have issues beyond what new tuners can solve and the suggestions to let Gibson make the call is the best idea.
  8. I recently purchased a Gibson Midtown Standard w/Bigsby. First thing I did was change strings from .10 to .09. I tweaked the truss rod ever so slyghtly and went on to fine tune the intonation. Basically what I do to any new guitar I buy. I've done similar adjustments for my friends and they are mostly very pleased with the results. The Midtown sounds and plays great but I noticed some backlash in the crummy Grover 14:1 tuning pegs. As a result the guitar will go out of tune too often to my liking. I ordered a set of Planet Waves Locking tuners and am sure it will solve the problem. After I receive and install them next week I will report back.
  9. No model# decoder that I know of perhaps this serial # decoder will help... Serial decoder
  10. Your stand looks fantastic but I have to ask you a question. This is just for your home or studio only? It does not sem to be portable at all yet you have made it so it folds. Where do you plan on using this very nice piece of furniture?
  11. I love this guy and was going to post a clip of his with the Shawn Colvin one. His music is a great blend of blues, country, and rock. There is some great new music out there. It's just a bit harder to find it.
  12. Here is my 2012 Standard in Light Burst. I love it.
  13. Johnny Cash???? Robbie Robertson from The Band wrote that tune. He is Canadian and really studied about the Civil War to get his outlook. Actually quite an amazing accomplishment on his part that the late Levon Helm acknowledged despite their deep hatred of ech other. Cash covered it but had nothing to do with it besides his understanding of its import.
  14. My Head Hurts, My Feet Stink, And I Don't Love Jesus Jimmy Buffett
  15. Can't You Hear Me Knockin' - Rolling Stones
  16. name='BigKahune' timestamp='1336781214' post='1196998'] Solvent based nitrocellulose lacquer is an evaporative finish that doesn't cure, it just dries as the solvent evaporates (that sweet smell of the finish off gasing). The solvent can redissolve it at any time, and that's why finish repairs work so well on guitars finished with nitro. It's also great in that when the multiple coats are applied, the new coat melts into the previous one essentially making a single coat. . I am sorry if I used the wrong termonology in describing this but... when it comes to QC Martin kicks ***. I have never seen a finish issue such as been described here on Gibson LP's with Martin. I have a new 2012 Standard that is flawless as far as I can see. My point is that Gibson QC can be better. Both Martin and Gibson charge a premium price for their products and the quality should be the same.
  17. My new 2012 Standard also has that smell. If you really want a great guitar scent than buy a Martin!! I have an OM-21 and an HD-28V that truely smells like heavan. Cedar strips that bind the front and back to the sides is just killer. Nothing like it. Martin does not ship their guitars with the lacquer not fully cured and dry.
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