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  1. Lets just say you needed to make a new neck for a modern Gibson L7, but as part of that repair you wanted to put on a Gibson Script Logo a la 1930's Gibson L7. Is that legal? Can you do that? Maybe its something you can get Gibson to make and send out to you? (though I highly doubt it). I know the new Gibsons are not the same as the old ones. Slightly different in just about every way... but that aside... Any opinions are welcomed. Cheers J
  2. They got a real pristine one, to the tune of 10 G's
  3. Hey all, does anyone have any leads on where I could find a late 40's/early 50's es 350? Preferably one that isn't in great shape, as I'm not super wealthy, nor interested in mind condition pieces. You can reach me on my email, it might be quicker. jasper6120@hotmail.com Cheers!! J
  4. From what I've seen, every 175 seems to be slightly different. Even ones in the same year. For example, some es 175s have the binding join the neck right on the 14th fret, while others (of the same year and spec) join the neck at halfway between the 14th and 15th fret. I know the shape of the top is a bit different. Even Gibsons faithful recreation of the 1952 es 295 has a pickup riser on the neck pickup to compensate for the curvature in the top (which the originals didn't have). The cutaway, and curve of the back is also different. Not a recreation, in my mind, but hey, at least they managed to paint it the right colour! ...
  5. Hey everyone Does anyone know the exact dimensions of the early 1950's Gibson ES 175's? I have a VOS '59 ES 175 and it looks to be a slightly different shape to all other es 175s I have seen. The dimensions are: Upper bout: 288 mm Waist: 238 mm Lower Bout: 405 mm Width: 86mm The '59 shape looks a bit narrower in the upper bout and a bit wider in the waist than the earlier 50's ones. Would I be right in saying this? Strange question I know, but the information would be extremely helpful to me. Cheers J
  6. Can anyone tell me if the single pickup '59 reissue 175 VOS is different structurally than the double pickup model? I'm interested in buying one or the other. I just wanted to know if the bracing, top thickness, bridge height etc is different between the two pickup and single pickup version of this guitar? I know that sometimes they are different i.e. the Wes Montgomery single pickup has a thinner top and different bracing than the standard CES. Please let me know! Cheers J
  7. Yeah I get what you're saying. The straighter the neck, the less force pulling the neck forward. I try to have the action as low as possible as well, but the bridge is maxed out in the lowest position and its still slightly higher than I think it could be. It appears that someone at some stage has sanded away a great deal of wood on the feet of the bridge in order to get the action down. The bridge is an ABR-1 bridge, but I don't know if its original to the guitar. Its as though someone swapped it and the new one is higher than it should be for the guitar? Curious.
  8. Great stuff! Thanks Tmoney. You know, I was worried about this string gauge, it did feel quite heavy, but then when you look at cats like Russell Malone, George Benson, Wes etc etc they are all using 13's, 14's or higher!! Do flat wounds hold less tension or something? Everyone using flat wounds seems to have a much heavier gauge than anyone using round wounds, and I'm using round wounds… I was able to get a small dab of sewing oil on the nut and with the strings holding no tension tightened it up the truss rod a bit and left it over night. This poor old guitar has been through the wars and at some point a lot of pressure has been put on the truss rod, hence the buckled metal plate under the truss rod nut, but with a bit of care and patience the thing has come good. I've already done 3 gigs with this guitar this week and I can't tell you how much better it feels. There is no relief in the neck at all now - dead straight, and I can play so much better on it. Winner!
  9. Or I could just put on 10's and get my finger tapping on.
  10. Hey all. I have a 1957 Gibson L5 CES. Its a lovely thing and I enjoy playing it more than any other guitar, however I've come across an issue with the truss rod. I'm currently running 12 - 56 gauge round wound strings on it, which are suiting me well for jazz. They are round wound as I prefer the feel compared to flats. So its a reasonably heavy gauge I guess. Since putting these strings on I've needed to adjust the truss rod to compensate for the tension (when I bought the guitar it had 10 - 49's on it). My problem is this, when I took off the truss rod cover to do the adjustment I noticed that the semi circular metal plate beneath the nut was bent up at each side. Furthermore, when I try and adjust the truss rod the nut gets very stiff before the neck is completely straight. It seems there is something wrong with the tensioning of the truss rod. Of course I don't want to put this beautiful old guitar under any dangerous stress. Has anyone encountered this problem and might there be a simple remedy? Fingers crossed. Regards Jordan
  11. Yep, they have always been pressed plywood. My question relates to the shape of the top around the front pickup cavity. The original 50's ones were pretty flat in that area, making it easy to put a p90 on and have it sit flush with the body and evenly under the strings, later design (and what I believe is still current) has a slope from the bass side down to the treble side to meet the cutaway. This works for the humbuckers fine as you can just adjust up the treble side of the pickup to compensate. Do the new 59 reissue tops have this 'slope' around the front pickup cavity? or are they flat like the other 50's es 175's?? Thats the only thing I am trying to find out.
  12. I have an early 1957 Gibson L5 that had been modded to fit humbuckers, which I was able to swap back to P90s (alnico Vs) without having holes exposed. Good times. I could play an artcore, but I don't dig em. I dig 175s. Does anyone know how the tops of these are constructed? It would be greatly appreciated if anyone has an insight. Kind regards Jordan
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