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  1. The Zenith is a beautiful sounding bass! Quite mellow and as close to a stand up as I've heard. Certainly Epi's not known for its basses although I also own a Jack Casady (wonderful as well). Now Jack's baby is still in production, but the Zenith has gone the way of the TV by the same name. I'm glad I jumped at it when I did!
  2. I finally saved enough coin to purchase the Epi Zenith Bass (fretted). What a beauty! But I've now discovered that Epiphone has discontinued the line. That was fast! Certainly the history of this bass has been problematic for sure since its initial introduction required a name change because of a copyright infringement issue. Having solved that and then building what I've found to be a beautiful looking and (more importantly) SOUNDING bass, WHY HAS IT BEEN DISCONTINUED? It almost feels as if there's been a death in the family, but no one seems to have noticed! What's up with that?
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