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  1. I have this amp and it is great, it has 4 imputs, I wish I would know how to set it up so I could hear that nice acoustic sound (I have a Hummingbird) ...but I am very happy with it...
  2. thanks for all the good advise...my friend is going to get me a new saddle. This guitar will not leave my hands anymore.... thanks again...
  3. A friend of mine that is a professional musician borrowed my new Bird for a gig he had in Virginia. He asked me if he could lower the strings to make playing easier. I said ok and he shaved the saddle down a little. When I got my guitar back, I noticed that I lost some of the voume that the guitar produced accoustically. I also noticed that it buzzes a little on the frets when I play hard. What is the best way to raise the strings a little so that I get the volume back? Should I get a new saddle like the one that came from Gibson? Is there a way to adjust the truss rod? Thank you...
  4. Last night I took the strings off my Bird that was buzzing and used duct tape to bundle the wires inside and the buzz went away....hope this helps...
  5. Bought a new Bird...love it..but it had a buzz, took it to Luthier and he used a tiny file on the saddle and the buzz went away (about 2 weeks ago). Last night it came back. the G string buzzes when I hit it open and it is very annoying...tried to loosen string and put peg back on, no help. It sounds like it is metal rattling, going to look inside with mirror to be sure.
  6. Thanks, I will keep looking...even with a little buzz the guitar sounds great.... When I had the pins changed I noticed a huge difference...
  7. I bought a Hummingbird and I love it...love the sound, etc. Took to a Luthier after playing for 2 weeks to change pins and string and have him check it...He said that setup from Gibson was fantastik...I told him that I kept hearing a buzz and he checked it and did not find it... I thought it was in the pins, but the sound seems to come from inside the guitar, is it possible something is rattling inside...I am going to buy a mirror to look inside... Any ideas?
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