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  1. Just gotta say, I pulled my Nighthawk honeyburst out of the case, first time in six weeks! I've been playing my tele. It sounds amzing! Still in tune! I love that guitar!
  2. played my nighthawk last night.It is nice and slinky with 11's!
  3. Thanks guys! I will this info in my back pocket! I have a hollowbody i really like, but.... it's a cheapo and I may upgrade one day. I think if i was to choose one of the three, i'd get that 339 ultra. The other two choices are magestic as well. Rock on!
  4. Do any epiphone or gibson semi hollow or hollowbody guitars have a back access plate to access the electronics? If so, do you you own one? Any thoughts compared to the dot or 335? Rock on!!!!!
  5. I'm going to the give the 11s a couple months.... I'm definately in the same boat as you though. I wonder how it would sound with all three pickups at once..... Good idea!
  6. You mentioned the Mustang I I have it and love it! There are lots of amp sounds to listen to and get an idea of what you like. You can use headphones wich is great for me. i payed $40 for mine used. only warning with that, try to spend more time playing it than tweaking it! It has 24 channels. I have mine set up like this: first eight for humbuckers, next eight for single coils, last eight for p90’s i had a washburn acoustic that was amazing for six years before I went electric. I had a bunch of lessons, but... in todays world you can probably just start off with Utube vids of chords and such. I was lucky that my first electric was IMO high quality, played like a dream! It really inspired me to play. It was a Gibson les paul studio Lite. If you can find anyone that is maybe in a similar situation, learning and playing wth them is great, and you both will inspire the other to learn more. If you found a local shop, opposed to a chain guitar store, maybe they could help you, at least make sure it's set up properly for you. Some cheap guitars are awesome! I freaking LOVE my epiphone special I with P90 pickups! $100 shipping included. Other cheap guitars are just garbage and no fun to play....... but a good local store wouldn't push that on you! Good luck!
  7. I've got nothing. I am at work and have read every single Nighthawk thread on this forum. I really like mine, It's all stock with Callaham saddles. Just put 11's on it last night. Has anyone done any wiring mods, pot cap replacements? Anything?
  8. cool pics, I love the wood finish, the red is cool too. Mine is black, I'll try to post some pics tomorrow. Has anyone tried to adjust the pickup height yet? My neck pup is has more bass and my bridge pup has more treble. I haven't gotten around to it yet. I'm waiting untili have time to obsess over it and adjust the poles too. It sounds great now, I'm just curious if I might like it better with the pups raised or lowered. This is my first p90!!! Man am I happy with this guitar! It reminds me of my old Gibson LP studio lite that I let go of a long time ago. That was a sweet one too! I haven't changed the strings yet but they are a little too thick for me I think. Thanks Epiphone!
  9. i scratch at each sticker twice with a finger nail everytime i play. It takes longer, but i can go for days without washing my hands that way= finger nails don't get super gunky from glue!
  10. Any one else get one of these? My first p90 guitar and it sounds great! Stays in tune for a few songs, intonation isn't bad and the p90s are sweet! Who else got one and liked it? Any one mod theirs? If so, how?!?
  11. They seem sweet! i was thinking back to the old gibson blues hawks gibson had in the 90s and then ran across these new nighthawks! probly will be my next guitar!
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