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  1. On the Lennon Revolution Casino headstock I see in pics the side edges are tapered or "angled". Somehow that doesn't appear to be the case on the Elitist Casino pics I seen. Anyone with an Elitist Casino can confirm? Are the edges of the headstock tapered or at right angle like most guitars? Any closeup pics to share? Just curious.
  2. Well I may well go for that. If it was a lefty..... Special order would be the only option for me unfortunately.
  3. I see. So these can be special ordered from Epiphone? (Custom order)?
  4. I see. I do notice that areas with inlays are smooth...
  5. :P Well my impression was that this board had been rushed and left unfinished.... I would expect marks like that to get sanded out. But seeing them on the official pics made me wonder a bit more what exactly the situation is... And why these appear on BBs but not on other models...
  6. On the fretboard of my 57 historic BB I see "ridges", (chatter marks / scraper marks) that appear to have been left by the planer / moulder during fabrication. Now I would expect these marks to be sanded out before completion. I see that those marks appear also on both historic Black Beauties pictured on the Gibson site. Anyone got an explanation of why those mark were left behind? They don't appear on other models (Those have smooth finger boards. As would be expected). Image from Gibson: http://www2.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/Les-Paul/Gibson-Custom/1957-Les-Paul-Custom-3-PU-VOS.aspx
  7. Have you had experience with this chip?
  8. Apparently there's a chip in all Historic instruments made since 2000 as stated here: http://www.gibson.com/en%2Dus/Lifestyle/Features/219%2Dgibson%2Dcustom/ "the transponders can be used to foil counterfeiters and thieves. If somebody’s trying to sell a guitar, it can be scanned to see if it belongs to another owner, is a genuine Gibson, or is a vintage guitar or a reproduction" I would like to hear more about how it is scanned. And could it be tracked at all?...
  9. I read that Historic guitars are fitted with a "transponder" chip that can be scanned to identify the guitar. Could that chip be used to identify a guitar in the event that is was stolen? If so that's a pretty good thing to track stolen gear.
  10. Indeed there's some magic there. "Recorded in England". Cool.
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