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  1. Spent the rest of the evening searching... But now i´m 99% sure it´s got something to to with the l.r. baggs output jack. After plugging in a few times the buzz is gone (for the moment) even without plug. The output jack itself seems to be tight, i cant find anything loose. Must be something inside...?
  2. O.K. I keep on searching through the weekend. I´ll let you know if i find something. I´m gonna take the Buzzer out for a gig on saturday. Maybe i should burn it on stage? Or end up with a "The Who" song? That would be a completely different solution for the buzzing problem...
  3. Could be the lyrics in the old Huey Lewis song were different somehow, but... ...there is a Buzz somewhere inside the Body of my Hummingbird Pro. I´ts definitely not coming from frets, tuners, headstock, strings or any screws mounted outside my guitar. The Buzz seems to come from inside the Body, somewhere between bridge and output jack and occurs when i play just certain notes , mostly at certain two tone chords. Meanwhile i´ve strunged the guitar at least 10 times up and down to check the inside by try and error search... I cant find no loose parts or braces, so the l.r. baggs cables
  4. I have the L.R. Baggs in my Hummingbird Pro and i really love the sound. So far i´ve been using mostly Fishman systems. The diffenence in my ears is, that the Baggs sounds more natural, while the fishman has a little more mids. On the other hand, the Fishmansound has a little advantage in cutting through a mix or the sound of a band. For this i think the Baggs is a little better for sologigs and the Fishman ist more suitable in a band setting.
  5. Scale length is the length of the string from nut to saddle. No matter how you measure. (Due to the saddle position there´s of course a little difference between E an e string...). Doubling the length from nut to 12th fret, or from saddle to 12th fret should give you the same result. If not, there is seriously something wrong with your axe... My HumPro ist exactly 630 mm from the nut to the middle of the saddle.
  6. Man, that looks pretty cool...! How did you glue them together? Looks like you´ve melted them somehow?
  7. I would say the J-45 is the Range Rover among the acoustic guitars. Goes anywhere... Maybe not so perfect for very hard strumming.
  8. Just similar... http://www.tone-toys.com/shop/Golden-Gate-Daumen-Pick-Clowns-Barf-3-Stueck
  9. If the buzz is kinda sitar-ish, and just occurs with the open string as you wrote, it could be the nut. Clean the slot carefully, maybe with a fine sandpaper. The solution could be that easy. At least in my case it was... Had the same problem with a Martin. It took me days to find out...
  10. My Hum Pro ist definitely a short sacale (630mm). It´s not perfect for my heavy strumming live use BUT: The sound you get when you pick or strum it soft til medium is really outstanding. So i have to keep it forever and have another good excuse for buying the next one... \:D/
  11. @gijs: Thank you Buddy! @Markini: I´m playing guitar for almost 40 years now, gig almost every weekend and own about 15 Guitars and Basses. I think i know a little about guitars. Normally i can tell a short from a long scale. But still i think it´s possible to mix up the scale length, esp. if you dont know what strings are on and you have no ruler or guitar to compare...
  12. I think i tend to agree to you gijs...! The specs they write on the gibson.com site are simply wrong. No long scale and no 11s put on... I find it a little sad if you cant rely on this. As i mentioned, while testplaying the guitar i thought the loose string feeling is due to the (supposed) 11s, and i never would have thought about to put out my ruler and measure the scale in the shop.
  13. My question is not about tone or feel, i really like the tone and even the feel of my HumPro. (Even if due to the short scale it´s just not as good for live use as i´ve thought. Im a heavy strummer live...) It´s just about if there have been any changes in the guitar design, because my guitar is def. a 24.9 short scale, but Gibson Specs say it should be a 25.5 long scale. Or did i get some odd special instrument? Did anybody out there ever measure the scale of their HumPros? Results?
  14. I think i´ve measured very correctly... It´s exactly 630 mm from nut to saddle. By the way it´s not my only acoustic. (SJ 200, Martin J-1, Framus FD 30 SFC).
  15. Hello everybody! I´m a guitar player from Germany and really like your Forum! I suppose here are the specialists to my question... I recently aquired a Hummingbird Pro (built in March 2012). The Gibson Homepage and all of the dealers say, that this guitar features a 25 1/2 " scale (645 mm). But after i measured my guitar i found that the scale is 24 7/8" (630 mm)! Since they said that the factory strings are 0.11 i thought, that the loose string tension while testing at the shop was a string problem. But know i know, it´s the short scale... Ist there a mistake on the Gibson homepage? S
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