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  1. Just thought i would check in and say hi to some folks forgot about you dude lol how does that happen. how you doing dude
  2. What's new been a while thought I would check in and have a peek, how you all doing
  3. Got to see them in 77. Loved them to death back then, don't care for them much now.
  4. Saw him when he had the muscle dude on guitar. Hated that period of Alice. Listened to him tons as a kid. Didn't like anything after Goes To Hell. Early Alice was the best. I wanted to go see the Welcome To My Nightmare tour in Vancouver. I was 15. Parents wouldn't let me. I still listen to the early stuff.
  5. Thanks Pip, I really do appreciate that. I do check in on occasion.
  6. I'm using a Tascam DP-008EX. I'm retired and cheap so for drums I use a Hydrogen Drum Machine I got free off the net. I go straight into my Tascam with an old Line 6 Pod I bought in the 90s. For bass I go straight into the Tascam using a Zoom B1on. I usually get the drum part worked out and record it at the same time as the guitar because I'm old and can't remember all the changes. I don't give a crap about my tone as long as the recording is half a$$. They aren't the best but good enough for me. If you care to check them out on soundcloud I'll post a link. The B-flat thing is something I learned taking lessons in the 80s and I just made up the lead as I went. G Thing is something I put together after learning some triads, 80s also. Blues Jam was me just figuring out the Tascam. I think I did the drums on my kids electronic set. What's Goin On is something I just made up. Believe Me is about chump. It was kinda cathartic for me. I hate that bastard. Glad he's down there. My condolences. I'm not a singer,don't judge me. And there are plenty of mistakes. Be kind.
  7. True, but it was the first time I saw him grey.
  8. Me too, I don't remember what year it was but I was a little kid. Bugs Bunny in colour was mind blowing for me!
  9. I saw that tour back in the day. Was as you'd expect, awesome!
  10. Totally agree! They don't do a thing for me.
  11. Yes, yes it is. No. They have their heads to far up their a$$es.
  12. Couldn't agree more. I know some very smart people who believe in god. I just don't get it.
  13. I saw them in 78 for the 'In The Round Tour'. The revolving stage messed with my tiny brain. But the acid was fun. Good times back then.
  14. I stopped coming back because it got boring and predictable. But that's just me.
  15. I am! That's why my bag hurts. And I'm so cool I don't do foreigner any more,lol. Was ok I'm high school. But does nothing for me now. There are few bands I listened to back then I still like today.
  16. Nope, no tea. Coffee and smokes. He didn't allow his band to use drugs while on tour. There is no way you could play that music stoned. Frank was more concerned about them getting busted while on tour and having them not in the line up. What they did on their time was their business.
  17. I sorta play guitar. And I'm so cool my bag is froze! If I had a mic if drop it.
  18. Never! Since I got my CPAP machine I sleep amazing. I get 7 hours and wake up when I'm done sleeping. Never tired.
  19. Meh! All I know is I will NEVER put myself in a self driving car. EVER!
  20. I second that!!!!!! Let's get a d!ck size guillotine.
  21. No!!!!! The media has nothing to do with this. None are fabricated. They are coming out because of the women who had the guts to call out the scum bags. It's a movement. It's about bloody time! This has nothing to do with the media. Don't believe your joke of a president. Do you think these women are making these accusations for kicks? Do you think they get their jollies saying this stuff? No. They don't. They are humiliated. They are embarrassed. They have no political reason for spilling their guts. This isn't partisan. There are d!cks on both sides. Don't try and place this blame anywhere else than where it belongs. Do you believe one liar or several accounts from multiple accusers? Really,, Think about it. This isn't rocket science!!!!
  22. Nothing! Quit the band. Going to start writing stuff. Will be a while before I have anything. May post it here if anyone cares. Looking forward to being creative. Hopefully it sounds okay.
  23. Currently reliving the Alice of my youth. Have every album up to goes to Hell on my Spotify. Man it's great stuff. Timeless awesome music!
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