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  1. You sir absolutely rock. I did the same thing with a rescue with 12 pups, 9 of which survived. She was abandoned in a house here in Clearwater, Fl, for what they estimate was almost 2 weeks with only a bucket of water, and had already delivered the pups. She was very timid at first, but did come around and became my new buddy. We fostered her and 2 of the nine pups.The other 7 went to different foster people. She had heartworms as well, and I thought it was gonna be a touch and go situation since the medicine was so brutal on her little 50 lb. body, but she came thru with flying colors. It ju
  2. $80 million.....4 years.......it's a freakin no brainer
  3. Congrats Micks......wishing the best for you
  4. ...providing it's not Roseanne Barr.....
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