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  1. You sir absolutely rock. I did the same thing with a rescue with 12 pups, 9 of which survived. She was abandoned in a house here in Clearwater, Fl, for what they estimate was almost 2 weeks with only a bucket of water, and had already delivered the pups. She was very timid at first, but did come around and became my new buddy. We fostered her and 2 of the nine pups.The other 7 went to different foster people. She had heartworms as well, and I thought it was gonna be a touch and go situation since the medicine was so brutal on her little 50 lb. body, but she came thru with flying colors. It just made her really tired and for the most part sick at times. But hey, 5 years later and she's my little pain in the ***! Again, good on you and all you did.....and I understand what it takes to make this kind of stuff happen, because we had no help with bills and took on the responibility to pay all for the mama, and for 2 of the 9 pups.....It's real pricey! This is her asleep at the vets joint
  2. $80 million.....4 years.......it's a freakin no brainer
  3. Congrats Micks......wishing the best for you
  4. ...providing it's not Roseanne Barr.....
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