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  1. Thanks for your response.Yes this is all stock & no mods.I have emailed Gibson & waiting for their response.I will check with Stewart.Thanks.
  2. Hi guys, Returning here after a long time. I never really got to use my LP.Thankfully I am healed from heart issues that prevented me from carrying this heavy guitar around. I took it to the Luthier for set up & he found one of the volume knobs just fell off .He also said the other 3 knobs were cracked & said that whoever installed it in the factory forced it way too deep in & so he has been hunting for new knobs to replace the old ones.After ordering a set he found that they did not fit in & were too tight unlike the usual LPs he has dealt with for several years.So my guitar is gently weeping at the store in search of the( piece of) knobs ! Can anyone tell me where I can find the right size that can fit my gold color 2014 LP. BTW the Luthier is a well experienced guy but was surprised that the regular knobs did not fit in.\!
  3. Thanks guys.I will have to read this more for the amazing info provided.The reason I mentioned the locking tuners is that I find the tuning going down after getting into some deep bends despite the locking tuners.Could this be due to intonation issues?
  4. Hi all, Having purchased a LP traditional pro I've been having intonation & tuning problems despite the locking tuners.Added to this, I feel the action of the strings is quite high despite maximum truss rod adjustment, producing a slight buzz after the 12 fret if played a little hard.I have maxed out the position on the bridge saddles to set the intonation but the octaves still dont match.I am looking for a Gibson authorised luthier at MD to take the guitar.Meanwhile here is a question on nut height: I feel the nut height is a bit high. ( I am a fender player & prefer to have lower action feel).This guitar has been used very sparingly.I'm just curious if any of you had to lower the nut height on your new LPs? When I use a capo the action feels good.Will it be necessary to file the nut spaces to get a softer feel? Please let me know your opinion. How do I find an authorized Gibson luthier in MD? Are Gibson Les Paul nuts available? Thanks.
  5. Ever since I got my LP Trad pro I was noticing that it was harder to stay in tune than all my other guitars of different brands.I presumed it could be the intonation & spent the week setting up the intonation.Being an experienced musician I generally take care of set ups myself.I changed strong from the original 10s that came with it & I am using D'Addario 9.5 gauge set which feels & sounds great.After setting up the action & bridge height I began work on intonation.I found most strings were sharp on the 12th fret & so I had to back up the saddle. Unfortunately on the 3rd & 6th string,the 12 fret note is still sharp by about + 6 cents or even more.I've backed the saddles on them to the max & there is no more space for backing up!I'm not sure what to do now.The strings seem to be easier to stay in tune although I do have doubts on the locking tuners that came with it.But more than that this intonation issue seems hard to handle. Any help/advice on this would really help. Thanks.
  6. I was quite surprised on how delicate the coat on my new LP trad pro could be.A little scratch from a string change peeled of the paint on my gold top.Does Gibson or any other company sell touch up paint for a gold top? Any info on this should help. Thanks.
  7. Thanks for the reply.Dilemaa is the right word.I love Garrys tone & love the classic tone too!But all the -ve stuff said about the Bb3 makes me wonder why Garry chose it!My 1st Lp so that's why all this speculation.
  8. I guess a treble booster is what I would need to make the neck pup sound like a bridge pup.
  9. I use guitar rig & Amplitude for recordings but found L6 making the best amp models next to axfx from what I've seen.L6 valve amps are pretty good too although the old stack amps are gold by itself. The post was more to find if I could compensate the tone of a 57 classic on the neck instead of bridge by using external EQs for the neck 57, as i feel it may not make much of a difference & I can still hang on to the BB3 on the bridge position giving me a greater variety of options.
  10. The plus has no 4 cond coil split options.I use all l6 gear for amp/fx.
  11. Just got a Trad pro with 57 classic on neck & BB3 on bridge.Reading a lot of negative comments on the BB3 I almost decided to swap the bridge pup for a 57 classic.But I saw this video on Garry Moore,one of my favorite guitarist & found he used a BB3 on the bridge too to get that powerful,awesome sound.Is there anything special in the BB3 he uses ? If not I could still hang on to the stock BB3 & have the best of both worlds with more variety.I was thinking if the BB3 sounded too airy,what if I roll off some treble on the tone knob ? Besides if I want to sound more vintage i could solo with the 57 classic on the neck & use a treble boost EQ right after the guitar to make it sound like a bridge pup.What is your opinion? has anyone tried soloing with a 57 classic on neck?
  12. Thanks for the response.the scratches are on the side of the guitar where it is cut away.Sorry ,no pics right now but will try soon.Also On the back of the body there are a few rashes.Please tell me how you got rid of them.
  13. Just got a Goldtop Trad pro sold by GC.(Gene Evans of Rockville MD is wonderful at customer service BTW).Since I'm new to LPs & always a slender fender player the LP's 60s neck impressed me & the transition ,specially with 10s on it seems effortless.It was just taken out of the cartoon but I noticed scratches.Is this common with Gibson's qulaity control? Anyway,my question is regarding replacing the bridge pup with a 57 classic.Does Gibson plan on making a 57 classic plus with 4 conductor wiring in the near future? If so I can wait.I am hoping to use a Liberator ( http://www.seymourduncan.com/products/accessories/liberator-1/ )so I can keep swaping between the BB3 & 57 anytime I want.Since the coil splitter is on the volume knob,will I be able to split coils when replacing it with the Liberator? has anyone used it on their trad pro LPs before? By swapping pups will the manufacturer's warranty on the LP become void? Thanks.
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