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  1. What is the neck tenon of the les paul custom?
  2. If only I can try those guitars. I'am from the philippines and here we don't have gibsons XD our local stores here don't carry the brand gibson. Just doing some research which one should I buy. The 2012 lp standard or the lp custom. After I make my decision. My cousin which is in new jersey will buy me a gibson Les Paul :) Can't decide
  3. I can't decide which to buy. I'm more on pop punk music especially All Time Low Music. I'm choosing which guitar should be perfect for me. I'm more on a energetic player which jumps all over and doing different things on stage. Just like Jack Barakat. I already own a Prs Mira it's very light weight and has a thin neck. I love thin necks. But something tells me to try different things. I always dream of having a les paul. I've saw alex using a gibson custom when he was still in high school and jack using a gibson sg which neck profile is similar to les paul custom. Can you guys help me which to buy?
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