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  1. UPDATE: I installed a bone saddle and set of bone bridge pins and lowered the action from 8/64 (1/8) on low E and 7/64 on high e (@12) to 6/64 and 5/64, and replaced the strings with D'Addario EJ16's and I am now very happy with the guitar. It not only sounds better, it plays a lot better. Thanks again for all the replies, SL
  2. JWG4927 I was wondering when someone would ask! I believe it was 1974, when I lived in San Jose, Costa Rica. A good friend sent me a bunch of photos so I decided to use one as my avatar!
  3. aliasphobias Lol! Really glad I asked the question and thanks again for all that replied. Already my SJ-200 sounds better! But I am going to change strings today. I was called Scary Larry for my blues harp playing quite a while ago and the name stuck! Best, SL
  4. Thanks for all the replies - some very interesting information. Going to put on new strings as the first step. Regards, SL
  5. OK got it. This one looks thick, so is probably a flubbery one..
  6. Thanks for the reply and advice. I am hoping the strings will make it a bit brighter. I have been playing a Guild Maple jumbo (an F50 Std) and it is a much brighter/louder guitar, so I was expecting the SJ-200 to be similar but not quite as bright. Everything I read about maple guitars refers to them as bright, but I have now been reading about J-200s being mellow guitars.
  7. Good idea, I will try 80/20 bronze strings first. It has the usual iconic pickguard that I see on all SJ-200 guitars. Is that what you are referring to?
  8. The title should read MELLOW! I Just purchased a 2017 SJ-200 sight unseen. I expected a much brighter sound from a maple super jumbo. I am going to install a bone saddle and bridge pins, and was wondering if anyone can suggest brighter strings, or anything else that might make it a bit brighter. The bass is great, the treble is what is lacking. SL
  9. I am thinking of replacing the black plastic pick guard on my 2015 Figured ES-335 with a leather one. It attaches under the pickups and therefore will touch the guitar's finish there which is nitro so I was wondering if the leather will ruin the finish where it touches. The rest of the pick guard seems to be elevated off the finish. Thanks, SLarry
  10. You know I am tempted! I wish I could play both. I do have a deposit on a new ES-335 Dot Figured Gloss but could still change my mind.
  11. They are 2014 according to the serial numbers at Sweetwater. Does that mean your Lucille is good or bad???? ;-)
  12. Yes but if you select 2015 there are no models listed yet, so those prices are for 2014 models from what I can determine. Thanks, SL
  13. Does anyone know the official or unofficial pricing of the new 2015 ES-335s? I an considering a new 2012 ES-335 but would prefer a 2015 if the price difference is not great. I do know that some of the 2015 Les Paul prices have increased quite a bit. TIA, SC
  14. Interesting replies. Thanks to everyone who responded. I am going to try to negotiate a lower price. Regards, SL
  15. Hi This is my first post but have been lurking for a while. I was going to place an order for a new ES-335 Figured Dot Gloss and the sales person gave me the price and info on the guitar. When I asked if I should wait for a new 2015, he said probably not, as the prices typically increase close to 30% each year. So I decided to purchased the new one he had in stock. I was just about ready to give him my payment info, when I said that I assume that this is a 2014 guitar, to which he replied it a new 2012 that we got new from Gibson last year! So I decided to find out if this is indeed typical for Gibson to be years behind in production. I'm not hung up on the year, but am trying to find out what a new (old stock) 2012 would be worth vs. a new 2014 (and soon 2015) ES-335 Figured Dot Gloss, and if they vary by years (i.e. some good years some not so good). Any info would be appreciated. SL
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