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  1. Cool. I'm using D'addario .012-053 it's not good ,you know? But could be better. Which option do you think should I try? Continue .012-053, but change the brand (maybe Elixir) or I try to use.011-052? PS: I realized that the standart strings that came with the instrument was kind of thiner than .012-053.
  2. So, you use on your ej-200ce .012 (Ernie Ball Earthwoods)?? .012-053?? I have one too, and I'm using 012-053 D'addario, but I think it's not good, I was wondering .011-052, have you already used it?
  3. Hi guys, which strings come with this instrument? .011? .012?
  4. Good afternoon Stijn, can I make a question? I've putted strings 012-053 on my ej200ce today, but I felt the strings "G", "B" and "e" are more thin. My question is: the standart string gauge is .012-053 ou .012-54 or 056 ???
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