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  1. Rick dude I'm waiting to hear about your Vintage Sunburst.Have you recieved it yet because I ordered mine around the 1st of March and haven t heard a thing.Does nt seem as if anyone is getting this finish yet. Cheers
  2. I to have the original 50's Tribute gold top with P90's and if you can find one grab it .It would probley suit your needs best.I've been playing with cleaning it up and then getting the grit back with the guitar volume and the different tones is amazing.
  3. The anticipation is killing me waiting for my Gibson Midtown Custom in Vintage Sunburds.I ordered a Gibson Les Paul P90 50's Tribute Gold Top last year and it took nearly 6 months to get but it was worth it,another amazing guitar at a good price.
  4. I order the same finish and was told it might be a while because they are on back order but I do think it will be worth the wait!!
  5. Here's my 2011 Gibson Les Paul Studio 50's Tribute in Gold Top
  6. Here's my April 2011 Gibson Les Paul 50's Tribute Gold Top.An amazing tone monster
  7. The arm's only 6 3/4 " long and I can order a new arm 8" so it should be just right then.I was looking at the Bigsby on a Midtown and they look roughly the same right at the Bridge pickup,strange because it is awkward.Check it out it's about !/2 " longer http://www2.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/Designer/Gibson-USA/Midtown-Standard-with-Bigsby.aspx
  8. very cool pics.One day I'm going to make it thier
  9. I like the aliminum screw cap idea. Never had a Bigsby before and thought the arm was a little short and awkward.I will see if I can get a longer arm or adapter of some sort.Good eye though
  10. Here's my 2003 ES 137 with a Bigsby
  11. Yes but I'm thinking I might just keep the two chrome studs thier.It kinda blends in.Maybe get a chrome plate to fit it ingraved Custom Made I always thought that a red plastic, engraved plate that says (in big block letters) "CUSTOM MADE" was the standard, time-honored way to deal with stop bar holes??? [lol] J/W
  12. Just purchased a 2003 Gibson ES 137 with a Bigsby and love it.Can't believe how versitile it is.I was warned against the 490 pickup's on it (I've only had 57's and P90's) but find them fantastic they really bite.The finish is a amazing.Just not sure what to do with the Stop Bar holes if anything.
  13. Hey Everyone ,here's my 2007 Gibson SG3 in Ebony and it's for sale to in the trading post section.
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