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  1. Try Avenged Sevenfold, Bring me the Horizon, Asking Alexandria, Angels and Airwaves, Christina Perri, Breathe Carolina and of course GG Allin. Just for the record guys, check this song out.. I did two things with this song. That song is his life story and it connects emotion with poignancy; truth with honesty. It's his soul laid out bear. I am immensely influenced by GG Allin. Anyone know him here? With that song, I did the same thing he did. I wrote out my life story so far and coupled with music; just like his song.I was inspired to do the same thing he did. The second thing I did wit
  2. Yeah I kinda have to agree with Bence. Doing it all on your own without the expertise and or required training is like teaching yourself degree level maths without having studied it in school. Remember that these guitars are hand crafted and their intricate making has a tradition that goes back, is steeped in secrets and cannot generally be duplicated. That's why there's only one gibson Effectively, you could do what you are saying but it would not have same sound and or desired effect of a gibson made in the gibson factories or by gibson specialists.
  3. I could be wrong about this but to what you said, not really. No matter how versatile an amp is, if you've got a shitty guitar that isn't versatile in the slightest, the sound and its range will not be versatile. Whereas if you have an extremely versatile guitar like this one being discussed or a nighthawk 2010/2011 even if you have a shitty amp that isn't versatile at all, you can still move around in the parameters of the guitar; even if the sound is shitty. It's a step forwards. The guitar controls the amp not the other way round. It all starts with the guitar. That's just my opinion. Like
  4. I'll get on it dude but I'm tied down at the moment because I'm moving from my place to somewhere else. I live alone you see so its a must..
  5. Why would anyone take the time to build and create such a thing? Seems a bit pointless to me. I mean it's not even that impressive and yet its obvious it took a lot of effort and time to build. I'd rather spend that time working on my skills as a musician.. :unsure:
  6. Oh Cheers Rabs, no, no pictures yet, but that is certainly something to look into.
  7. Thanx a lot dude. I couldn't be happier. As long as I am alive, I will have the gibson.
  8. Yes my good man, I bought it a week ago. It is freakin' amazing. I didn't expect it to be that versatile but it delivers all the goods a versatile guitarist needs and some. I don't think I'll ever be needing another guitar but we shall see. Honestly though, I got the ebony finish and its so sexy. I treat it like a ******* girlfriend. I'm so careful with it, I clean it daily and I play on it :). Thanx to Rabs, he helped me understand the mechanics of electric guitars, particularly les pauls before I bought it so that helped a huge amount. It made me more confident in buying such an expensive pi
  9. Yeah that is definitely NOTA a gibson and I'm just a rookie on these guitars [even though I own one ]Definitely don't buy it. It looks terrible and probably sounds just as terrible.
  10. Thanx guys. Going down the guitar shop tomorrow. I can feel the beginning of a whole new adventure dawning. Safe to say, I'm pretty excited at the prospect of owning this guitar..
  11. I'm very close at the moment to buying a 2012 Les Paul standard but I'm wondering how versatile it is. Raabs told me personally that it is versatile by I want to know how versatile it is and can be. Just appreciate other opinions. I want to be able to play punk rock, traditional rock n roll, pop, alternative, country, rock and pop. I'd also like to play some metalcore on it too. Will I able to to do this with this guitar? I'm influenced majorly by Angels and Airwaves and Owl City (and Avenged Sevenfold). Will I be able to cover the music styles I mentioned above namely pop alternative, rock, t
  12. Guys, can someone tell me here what this guitar is good for? I first heard that its only good for jazz and blues but then read somewhere else that its good for anything except metal (rock n roll, rock, blues jazz, country, pop etc). Is this true? I've played on it for a while in a guitar shop and I liked it; just wished it was a bit more versatile. Still has a great sound though. Is it true you can use this guitar for soft rock, pop, alternative etc? Also, does any one know the difference between a es 335 dot reissue and a ES335 Block Inlay . Thanx
  13. Hey guys, thanx for all the replies. I'm looking for a Gibson Nighthawk 2011 and a Gibson Tom Delonge ES335. Any chance any of you know where I can get one from? When I find the time, which is not now, I'll pull up a research on both guitars on all the websites you guys gave. Hopefully, It'll turn up with something. [thumbup]
  14. Guys, hope you can help me out here. I wanna buy a guitar online; it suits me better, that's the thing. But I don't know many online guitar shops. Mr Rabs suggested musician's friend which is great, but I want to look at more before I buy an expensive guitar. The only other one I know is music zoo. Any pointers, guys? Thanx. Alexandros James
  15. Thanx for taking the time out to research that stuff for me. Lately I thought you wouldn't be able to find 'em. Your a kick *** guy Mr Rabs I'm off to start another thread, c ya
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