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  1. It was some 5 months used when I bought it from someone who was leaving town. $200.00 + my Mansfield acoustic guitar (Gibson copy)
  2. Thanks Twiz and Blambo. This guitar is a nice piece of mahogany. Very beautiful and I'm pretty sure it's a one piece body. I remember when I bought it in early 1973, I would have preferred a dark red one (a la Santana) but I got it for a fairly low price at the time and I was really excited just to own a Gibson SG Standard...the color was then less important. I'm 55 and bought it when I was 17! It has a great sentimental value, even if it's a Norlin guitar! Mario Delorme Montreal, Canada
  3. Thanks, guys. And no, AS90, it's not for sale anymore! Here's another pic.
  4. Thanks for the welcome, guys. Dynadude, I do not have the synth pickup. He did not sell it to me. Anyway, I wanted the guitar as original as possible. I filled in the small holes. It still shows, but I guess it is part of this guitar's history.
  5. I'm 53 years old. I bought this guitar when I was 17, in 1973. My first good guitar! I was a wedding guitar player at the time and had my local rock garage band and played this guitar until I started at the university, studying sociology. Then I got married, had kids, so I was not playing guitar anymore. So I sold my 72 SG to my old boss back in 1994. Some 3 months ago, my old boss called me back, saying that he was not playing guitar anymore and offered to sell me back the SG for a fair price... Of course, I said! Because in the mean time, I discovered music assisted with computer, Midi, recording software, all things which where unknown to me in 1994! And none of my kids seemed interested in playing guitar when I sold him the SG in 1994 ( I always had an acoustic guitar on a stand, in my living room, and both of my kids barely even looked at it!) So I bought back my beautiful 1972 SG Standard some 3 months ago. The finish is fainted but the guitar was in excellent condition. No cracks at all. The only thing is that my old boss installed a synth pickup on it and drilled 3 holes in the body... unfortunately. I brought it to my tech and the only work he did was on the electronics. It even did not need a fret dress! I just wanted to share this story with you, guys. It's not the most beautiful SG I have seen (the red ones, I think, are best looking, but I like this natural) And it was my first good guitar! Happy New Year! Mario from Montreal, Canada
  6. Thanks Dynadude, I'll check where the lead comes off. Something sure, it was not flipped ( I can't see why they would have done that at the store) as I bought the guitar brand new back then and it was like that.
  7. Hi everyone, I own a 1972 Gibson SG Standard (Deluxe?) which I bought brand new in Jan-Feb 1973 from a well-known music store in Montreal, Canada. The pickup covers are embossed with the Gibson name logo. The logo on the bridge pickup is upside down, as if they would have used a neck pickup cover (or a neck pickup, although I had it tested and it's slightly stronger than the neck pickup). Did anyone ever see this? I never saw one on the Net. Maybe it's only a "Friday late afternoon" made guitar... Thanks!
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