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  1. Wow, your right, they’ve pared the line way down. My Swingster is no more. Probably too many models not selling.
  2. Oh Sheryl, Sheryl! We could make beautiful music together but for the darn restraining order ....just kidding😀. Great artist, always cool guitar sound. Love to play ‘Favorite mistake’.
  3. Apropos to nothing, JB ‘s pinkie is longer than my middle finger. I kept thinking he had a slide on. Great stuff. Thanks for posting,
  4. She wants me bad. ....but then they all do!
  5. A”one off” or special order? Cool though. Enjoy.
  6. My 2015 has quick connect pots with the Probuckers. My tech took the connectors from the pro buckers and put them on a set of Seymour 59’s with coil splitting. Not sure of the pot value I’m guessing they’re 500k.
  7. +1 on Epiphone quality. I’ve had a Swingster for a while and I just got a nice Sheraton. Both are great.
  8. I’ve noticed the same thing in my Swingster but I don’t notice it when playing through an amp
  9. I just got one two weeks ago. Thinking about ditching my Gibson Es-339. A nice guitar for the money
  10. I have an ES-339 but I'd love that wine red ES-275 that was on the Gibson webpage for so long. I'd put it on a stand and just look at it. I'd be like Nigel Tufnel, "don't touch it, in fact stop looking at it". 😄
  11. I've played it through several amps, a ProRevwerb, a Princeton clone. I'm ok with the stock pups, I was just ,curious if anyone tried anything else. Not really looking for a particular sound. I generally play full he mode.
  12. I own an Orange Swingster and really like it. Beautiful, easy to play and sounds pretty good. The pups are ok but I'm sure could sound better with an upgrade. Looking for A little more clarity and presence. Anyone swap them out and if so what'd you think?
  13. FWIW This is what the pup in my 2006 looks like also
  14. My Iphone pics are too big post. I'll work on it. Silver jack, black nylon battery holder, small black turnwheel for volume with no markings. I'll be changing strings and take better pics with a camera. I bought it used on Ebay from a guy in Bozeman who said he won it at raffle at a Jackie Greene concert there. It was originally signed by JG but I removed that. The owner wasn't really a player so I don't think he installed the pup, but I don't know.
  15. My 2006 standard has a volume control wheel in the sound hole. Not sure of the brand/model
  16. Don't be afraid!! Turn them up and they don's sound thin!
  17. You need to remove the arm to put it in the case. Not a big deal with the set screws and wrench, but this is just easier and faster.
  18. I got some M4-.70 cap screws to replace the set screws that hold the vibrato handle. Didn't like having to use the allen wrench to install/remove the arm. It works goodexcept I need to grind the ends to a point to help hold it tighter. It cost $.80 at Lowe's, you would think they would have engineered this in, cheap and simple.
  19. Toothbrush!! That's hilarious. Now I gotta know! Cool site Larry. What gives with the toothbrush? You must know.
  20. No it wasn't feedback as I can make it feedback on certain notes. It happened when I would sweep/strum and mute the strings. No big deal, just odd.
  21. I was playing my swingster tonight and I noticed microphonic notes when I would palm mute pseudo Travis style picking/strumming. It's not feedback and I'm pretty sure its not tubes or the amp. It's almost like my right hand sweeping across the bridge pup is causing the noise. Any body else have a similar experience?
  22. I just got some pump polish in the package with the flannel cloth. Why does it smell like turpentine? Is that normal? Will it work on other guitar brand finishes? Thanks. Mike
  23. moosesyr

    my 339

    Nice!! Blue with cream binding, I'm jealous mine's only common old tobacco burst. Enjoy!
  24. I've got a set in an upgraded Brownsville (SAM ASH) Soul buddy tele to replace several differnt p-90 combinations I've tried. They sound OK. Clear, articulate. I've never played other mini hums so I dont know how they compare but definitely quieter than the p-90's. I've had a various GFS pups with mixed results, some better than others.
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