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  1. I love restoring things man! It's a huge passion of mine because I'm a sentimental kind of person. So I totally understand where you're coming from and it's why I didn't want to give up on this guitar. I'm sure there's a bunch of LPJ's out there that are perfect and wonderful to play and I should've tried mine before purchasing it. So it really is my bad! But in a way I'm glad this has happened because now I have an incredible guitar. I'm so impressed by the tonal qualities of this Gibson that I can fully understand why so many guitarists swear by this brand.
  2. It's cool man, hey listen I'm sorry if I offended you. I'm feisty I'm afraid I've had the guitar customized so I can't return it now. The pickups were changed and the frets were replaced with something better. Besides, my dad did such a good job that I honestly couldn't imagine playing another guitar! The LPJ honestly has some of the best tone woods I've encountered in an instrument. My father has worked with everyone from Slash to Keith Richards, so he knows how to bring out the best in a guitar and that's exactly what he's done here.
  3. Attacking me wont change the fact that the LPJ is a feeble instrument that requires additional work to become a playable guitar. The only redeemable thing about this unfortunate product is in the fact that it has excellent tone woods. I understand that some of you are devoted fans of this corporate brand and will feel compelled to show off how 'loyal you are' by being snide and condescending towards "the non believers", but I seriously doubt Gibson will employ you for it. So terribly sorry...
  4. Oh but of course you don't get it, how could you when you're clearly intellectually superior to me... I don't feel in the least bit undermined by your nonsense. If you must know, my girlfriend was out shopping and I sent her a text telling her to get it for me. Like I said above and I'll repeat it for you just in case English isn't your native language, be sure to read it slowly now, just in case it isn't absorbed! I purchased the guitar on a childish whim because I had some money to burn this month. I hope this helps with your inquiry, thank you and have a jolly good day.
  5. Ooh the blind assumption game, looks like I've rattled a little cage. I've got an hour to spare, mind if I play along? You're probably sat there in a GIbson t-shirt with a Les Paul as your desktop wallpaper and that's why you've taken my critique personally. You've never met me so you don't know what you're talking about. You're not Sherlock Holmes pal, get over it
  6. What'd be the point in that? They would've just said 'duh! what are you talking about, duh, the guitar is fine! It must be your technique...' and stupidity would've occurred. I'm a professional session musician so my technique is never the issue. If it was, I wouldn't be an employable musician This is marketed as an instrument of quality and these days the word 'quality' has been corrupted into meaning 'affordable' or 'cheap'. Quality to me means 'excellent craftsmanship' and that's what I expected from Gibson USA. It's the principal of the matter. But at the same time, I bought the th
  7. When I say 'unfinished' I'm not talking about it's appearance, I'm talking about the essentials that make a guitar playable. The frets weren't level and the nut was a complete joke. They didn't even bother smoothing the fret edges (I cut my finger on one) and no one makes me bleed, no one But seriously, all kidding aside it aint cool. I spent half a grand to make my fingertip bleed. Maybe that guy over there got 'the best LPJ in the history of Gibson USA omg omg' but I didn't, I lucked out and that's my bad. I had some money to burn this month and squandered it on a childish whi
  8. Tonally, this is probably one of the best guitars I've ever used. In fact, I think it's fair to say that the LPJ is superior to my professional level American made instruments in that department and they cost thousands. I agree, the neck is surprisingly fast too. But I didn't get to appreciate any of that until my dad (a professional luthier) set it up to accommodate my style of playing. So it's his craftsmanship and skill, not Gibson's, that's made this guitar great in the end and now I can't imagine playing anything else. I've had new frets and pickups installed and the action h
  9. Gibson USA feel that the LPJ is worth a little over a thousand dollars and that isn't a 'budget, bargain-bin' price tag to me. It might be to that guy over there who owns several Les Paul's worth over 20 grand each but I'm not in that exclusive club. It's an expensive ornament to hang up on a wall and nothing more. If my father didn't complete the job Gibson failed to finish themselves in their factories I would've thrown it in the garbage! It's an inexcusably bad instrument, period.
  10. Here's an update for anyone who's interested in purchasing this guitar. This guitar makes no effort to disguise the fact that it's an incomplete job and it feels and plays like one too. No matter how many times it was set up or adjusted the playability and feel of this instrument remained unacceptable. Problems: Bad nut (so much for the Plek machine) Uneven frets Fret buzz and dead notes regardless of string height/truss rod adjustments Rattle and other undesirable annoyances that made it a misery to play The fretboard was brittle to the touch and I even cut my finger on one
  11. The fretboard on mine is brittle and dry and there's cracks and dings and little flaws all over it too, much to the point of it being a little painful to play. I think this is an "undead" Les Paul or some kind of zombie version of their higher end models. That, or it was designed to be an ornament. It looks, feels and plays like an incomplete guitar job and I wouldn't recommend this model to anyone, especially for the price it's going for right now. It simply isn't worth half a grand and it feels like something Stagg would make rather than Gibson USA. I purchased mine new from a local
  12. I don't think this is a "B-Stock" thing, I purchased mine from a reputable store and it has similar faults and glitches to yours. I think it's just the way it's meant to be man. Half a grand for an instrument that looks like it cost 50 quid to make. Cosmetically I think the rubbed vintage LPJ is gorgeous, it reminds me of an antique weapon or something built from a pirate ship.
  13. For a little over half a grand I wouldn't call this a "cheap" instrument (and there's guitars in this price range out there that offer so much more) but I've always been curious about Gibsons. I had some spare cash to burn this weekend and decided to get one out of curiosity. It's either that or gradually drink and smoke it all away so it doesn't matter :P In case anyone's wondering, I'm not a blues guy or a rock'n'roll twanger, I'm a heavy metal/thrasher type of fella. I'm used to ESP's and Jackson's and so on. So, right now? This guitar feels extremely weird in my hands next to what I'
  14. I understand that man! I'm a shredder too, I have a large collection of eye catching guitars. That's why I fancy something a little different. I'm gonna take the LPJ, route a battery cavity in the back (if there isn't enough room already) and stick some active SD's in there. Use it as a grungy looking rhythm guitar.
  15. It's really cool how everyone has different tastes in things, to me the stripped down LPJ look is gorgeous! I'm gonna get the rubbed vintage burst version this weekend.
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