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  1. Yeah, seen it, but a closeup would be still great If i follow this, a disaster is just around the corner Any other wiring suggestions are also welcome. I tried 0.47 caps, but difference is minimal, and controls act weird with that setup...
  2. Hello, new guy here! I'm also a happy owner of an alpine white 61 special. I have it for 6 months now, and I wanna say something about pro's and cons' of my guitar, at lest my particular experience: I also have a 2008 G400, so I have something to compare it to. the good: - amazingly 'historically correct' details, including neck binding, body shape, control cavitiy... - neck profile is perfect, for me at least. - good fret job, you can have ridiculously low action with no buzz. Beautiful rosewood too. - excellent quality tuners, at least as good or better than epi's grovers - very resonant ascoustically, much more than my g400 - dunno if that's becouse of the wrap-around or better materials? the bad- - paintwork on the headstock, where the white meets the black is pretty sloppy - it's perfect everywhere else though... - nut was somewhat roughly finished, though it didn't go out of tune, and I always put a graph tech tusq nut on anyway... - intonation - absolutely perfect with 11s or 12s (standard tuning), but with 10s, which I use, the low E and A are a bit flat at 12th string, despite bridge being as close to the neck as possible... - so far I'm the only one who's not that wild about the pickups (bridge at least), it's got powerful low-end, but not enough mids and too strat-like highs for my taste. This might be my own fault though. You see, I changed pots and did a gibson 50s wiring scheme on my G400, and it drastically improved the sound. So I did the same with the 61' special on day 3, before I really got familiar with it... And now it's a bit harsh sounding. The thing is, I forgot to writhe down the diagram of the original wiring, so I can't go back now. Might try 'gibson modern wiring'... Or if any of you could post the original wiring here? :-& Anyway, despite the minor flaws, this is still a great buy. Plus, I always like to tinker around & mod things, whether they need it or not
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